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Swisscom acquires majority stake in Innovative Web Group

Swisscom has acquired a majority stake in Innovative Web Group, expanding its competencies in Web and e-government solutions for public administrations and community-based organisations. Through this acquisition, Swisscom is strengthening Localcities, a product offered by its subsidiary Swisscom Directories Ltd for Swiss communities and associations.

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Swisscom has acquired a majority stake in the Innovative Web Group. The Zurich-based group was founded in 2000 and, with around 50 employees, is one of the leading providers in this market segment.

The products of the Innovative Web are mainly aimed at large and medium-sized Swiss municipalities and cities, cantons, factories, schools and other administration-based organisations, and facilitate, among other things, the creation of websites, e-government solutions with citizen accounts for online services or electronic interaction with schools.

With its acquisition of the Innovative Web Group, Swisscom is strengthening its “communities and associations” business area, which is largely handled by the Swisscom subsidiary Swisscom Directories Ltd, through its “Localcities” product.

Stefano Santinelli, CEO of Swisscom Directories Ltd, said of the acquisition: “Swisscom Directories Ltd already offers standardised web solutions for communities and associations under the Localcities brand. In association with Innovative Web, we will use technical modules in a mutually beneficial way and develop new, innovative solutions to meet almost every need of the 2,200 or so Swiss municipalities, irrespective of their size.”

Still at the helm of the Innovative Web Group is Steff Desan-Schnetzler, who co-founded the group and has headed it from the start. He said: “I’m delighted that our group can continue to grow under the leadership of Swisscom, and our e-government products will now achieve an even wider distribution throughout Switzerland.” Stefano Santinelli, CEO of Swisscom Directories Ltd, is the new Chairman of the Board.

The Innovative Web Group remains legally independent and the takeover will not result in any changes for customers and employees.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the financial terms of the transaction.

About Localcities

Localcities is the community platform of Swisscom Directories Ltd. It provides the population with hyperlocal information that makes everyday life easier and encourages residents to become involved in their communities and in associations. The platform was launched in 2018. Localcities aims to provide users with a wide range of information and advice on official, economic, social and cultural life in their municipality.

About the Innovative Web Group

The Innovative Web Group includes the companies Innovative Web Ltd, Innovative Government Ltd and Innovative Web Marketing & Service Ltd. The group was founded in June 2000 by experienced IT engineers and entrepreneurs with the aim of enabling public administrations to create high-quality websites and web-based services at low cost. Due to the great interest in its products, the group has continuously strengthened its team and expanded its range since its foundation.

Today, the Innovative Web Group is the leading e-government provider for municipalities and cities in Switzerland. It comprises a young, innovative and proficient team of IT specialists, web designers and support staff, as well as sales, administration and communication managers.

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