Top marks for Swisscom’s mobile network

Swisscom has a multi-award-winning mobile network: in the latest mobile network results analyzed by Ookla, Swisscom’s network was awarded the best mobile network in Switzerland. Ookla found that Swisscom provides the best mobile coverage as well as the fastest mobile network. What’s more, RootMetrics awarded Swisscom’s 5G network the top spot, rating it “Switzerland’s best 5G network”. The economy, society and our customers are thus already equipped for the many opportunities offered by the networked world.

Die Gewinne der Mobilfunknetztests Ookla und RootMetrics müssen gefeiert werden.

Hot on the heels of its win in the November 2021 connect network test, Swisscom’s mobile network has now received further accolades. Swisscom triumphed in the Ookla Speedtest Awards and has Switzerland’s best mobile network according to the Seattle-based broadband network intelligence company. Between July and December 2021, customers initiated hundreds of thousands of tests using Ookla Speedtest which measures the speed and coverage available in the mobile network. Compared to the last half year, Swisscom has made further strides, achieving the top spot with average mobile data transfer speeds of 91.78 Mbit/s for downloads and 21.23 Mbit/s for uploads.

Swisscom has Switzerland’s best 5G network

RootMetrics also conducted tests on Switzerland’s 5G mobile networks, measuring performance through controlled testing routes in cars and on foot in towns and villages across the country. RootMetrics also gauged indoor coverage in around 100 public buildings, such as shopping centres and restaurants. Swisscom delivered top marks for both 5G coverage and 5G speed and was named “Switzerland’s best 5G network”.

An independent test was also conducted by Xavier Studer’s high-tech blog(opens in new tab). Here, the testers travelled across Switzerland by train testing mobile networks. Once again, Swisscom was the clear winner.

This triple victory for Swisscom’s mobile network is down to its ongoing expansion. Swisscom is constantly pursuing this wherever possible in order to provide the best network experience to its customers, enabling them to use the opportunities of the digital world. Swisscom already provides the latest 5G mobile generation to 99% of the population. The faster version, 5G+, is currently available at 1,975 sites across 888 locations. Rapid expansion using new mobile technologies is necessary to ensure that our customers continue to benefit from excellent network quality in the future.

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About RootMetrics

RootMetrics provides insights into how users experience mobile network connectivity under real-world conditions. Using technology purchased off the shelf at carrier stores, RootMetrics performs controlled drive and walk testing that shows the coverage, speed and reliability of mobile network operators, measures 5G performance, and much more. Results inform the company’s RootScore® Report series, which offers a full view of network performance and can help operators create a better mobile experience for consumers.

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