Carbon-free surfing & streaming for Switzerland: Swisscom becomes first provider to make all subscriptions climate neutral, at no extra cost

Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi posted to TikTok at 8 am this morning: the first completely climate-neutral video transmitted over the Swisscom network. His message: “Our network is now climate neutral. Not just some day in the future – from today.” All calls, streaming and surfing on the Swisscom network are now automatically climate neutral, at no extra cost. Swisscom has thus taken a big step towards making Switzerland ready for a carbon-free future.

Interview CEO Urs Schaeppi

“Not only are our customers, their subscriptions and all smartphones and devices purchased from us on the best network, from today they are also on Switzerland’s first climate-neutral network,” announced Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi. “We take responsibility for our environment and will continue to increase our commitments.”

Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi posted to TikTok at 8 am this morning with the first climate-neutral video ever transmitted over the Swisscom network: from now on, all calls, streaming and surfing on the Swisscom network by Swisscom customers are automatically climate neutral, at no extra cost.

Residual CO2 from devices sold will also be offset at no extra cost

Hailed as the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world, Swisscom has been a climate-neutral company since 2020. It has taken a lot of effort to get here. For more than ten years, Swisscom has been operating its entire network using completely renewable solar, wind and hydro power. It is also offsetting residual emissions from production, transport and network component installation. As a result, Swisscom now offers completely climate-neutral products. What’s more, the devices it sells are also completely climate neutral: it is offsetting residual CO2 emissions from production, transport, use and disposal for customers at no extra cost. The company’s own products (Internet routers, TV-Boxes, etc.) have been climate neutral for years. Today, Swisscom is working with selected offsetting partners with a focus on residual CO2 offsetting projects.

Solar power for 800 households, marked rise in sales of second-hand smartphones

In 2021, Swisscom reduced its carbon footprint by a further eight percent. This is mainly due to CO2 savings in the supply chain and the move to electric vehicles, which has already begun. In addition, Swisscom’s 87 photovoltaic systems generated around three million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of around 800 Swiss households. Demand for buyback, repair and recycling programs for second-hand smartphones was much stronger in 2021: last year, the proportion of returned devices in relation to the number of new devices sold rose from 15.5 to 21 percent.

Climate neutral is not enough – Swisscom goes above and beyond in offsetting

The climate-neutral subscriptions and devices are a milestone in Swisscom’s commitment to climate protection. But that’s not all: Swisscom continues to work on reducing emissions and will be completely climate neutral throughout its entire value chain by 2025 – offsetting journeys to work for employees is just one example. Thanks to Work Smart services, IOT and other innovative customer solutions, Swisscom will save in excess of one million more tonnes of CO2 than it generates annually. This amount corresponds to two percent of Switzerland’s total emissions and will also help the country get ready to meet its international climate targets.

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