Phishing SMS messages are a nuisance that more and more customers are having to deal with. Fake SMS messages lure customers to fraudulent websites with the aim of gaining money or data. Swisscom is launching a new filter that protects customers effectively against deceptive and sometimes dangerous messages. The filter is now automatically available free of charge to all Swisscom customers (prepaid and postpaid) and their second and third-party brands. The filter is enabled by default. At a later date, customers will be able to disable or enable the filter themselves via the Customer Center. The SMS filter is dynamic and automatically and anonymously checks several million SMS messages daily for certain criteria such as dangerous links. “We expect to be able to block several tens of thousands of phishing SMS messages per week with our filter and thus effectively protect our customers from these unsolicited messages,” says Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers at Swisscom.

Call Filter is a success – over a million customers already

Swisscom has been successfully protecting its customers from unwanted advertising calls for many years. The free Callfilter for mobile and fixed-network customers has already been enabled by over a million customers and filters out around 200,000 unsolicited advertising calls every day. In the last four years, more than 200 million unsolicited calls have been blocked.

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