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Only a few more days to go: on 2 August, 265 young people will start their vocational training at Swisscom, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives. More than half have opted for an ICT apprenticeship. At the same time, four school leavers are beginning a bachelor’s degree course in IT with integrated practice. A sense of achievement for the 230 apprentices who have successfully completed their apprenticeships at Swisscom.

CEO Christoph Aeschlimann takes a selfie at the graduation event with the newly qualified apprentices.

Ready together to simply use the opportunities of the networked world – Swisscom wants to take as many talented young people as possible on this journey. Which is why it is training more than 800 apprentices. And a further 20 students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree course in IT with integrated practice.

This August, 265 new apprentices will start their training in six different vocational disciplines: Information Technology, ICT, Interactive Media Design, Mediamatics, Commerce and Retail. Four school leavers have opted for the bachelor’s degree course in IT. 17 apprentices will be starting their apprenticeships at Swisscom’s subsidiary cablex – to become electricians or network electricians (specialising in telecommunications).

Boom in vocational training

After two years of pandemic, there is a spirit of optimism in vocational training – and Swisscom is actively shaping developments in numerous projects. One such development is the launch of a completely new apprenticeship: the Digital Business Developer (Federal VET Diploma) role is the first of its kind in the world and of great importance for digitisation in Switzerland, forming as it does an urgently needed interface between technology and practice and helping to provide hands-on experience with digital products and processes. The first recruits will start on the new apprenticeship in August 2023. Swisscom has also joined forces with Baden vocational college to set up the Lernvolution project, which aims to make the vocational school training concept more flexible. 16 apprentices will start the four-year pilot project in a few days. Swisscom is also involved in a pilot project for the new commercial apprenticeship, which is currently being revised and will be launched in its new form from August 2023.

Marc Marthaler, Head of Next Generation: “We are noticing a growing desire and demand for more flexible training models. I am therefore all the more pleased to be welcoming 265 new apprentices and four degree students to their training and degree programmes and a world of unlimited possibility on 2 August.”

Graduating with honours

This summer, 230 apprentices successfully completed their apprenticeships at Swisscom, which equates to a pass rate of 97 percent. cablex saw 17 apprentices ready to join the workforce after passing their final exams. More than half the apprentices and graduates have been hired by Swisscom.

Modular apprenticeship at Swisscom

At Swisscom, the apprentices and degree students put together their own apprenticeship or degree pathway. They apply for different projects, lasting for between one day and six months, which are posted in the internal online marketplace and which provide them with the expertise they need. This gives them insights into multiple different subject areas and provides the opportunity to meet new people and familiarise themselves with different areas of the business, while encouraging independence.

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