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connect fixed-network test: winners Swisscom rated outstanding

Swisscom triumphs in the two speed categories up to 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps categories, and is the only provider in Switzerland to be rated “outstanding”. Once again, this fantastic result demonstrates that Swisscom customers enjoy the best fixed-network in Switzerland. With significant investments in the network and technological innovations such as 50G-PON fibre-optic technology, Swisscom is ready to continue to offer its customers the best network experience in the future.

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Swisscom achieved the best result of all Swiss providers in this year’s fixed-network test, and was victorious in the two speed categories of up to 1 Gbit/s and 10 Gbit/s. Swisscom was also the only provider to achieve the top rating of “outstanding”. “I am really delighted by this excellent result, which underlines the high standard of our network,” says Christoph Aeschlimann, CEO Swisscom. “This outcome is made possible by our dedicated employees who work hard every day to ensure that our customers can enjoy the very best network.”

connect test criteria

The trade magazine assessed the quality and performance of the broadband networks in the two speed categories, evaluating online broadcasts, web services and web TV. VoIP connections were also a key element of the testing. In its assessment of Swisscom, connect identified the following highlights: “Outstanding performance in the highspeed Internet tests, shortest DNS resolution time, fastest gaming pings, best VoIP voice latency and shortest YouTube response times.” In summary, connect said: “Market leader Swisscom has achieved an impressive double win in the two speed categories. The network provider’s offerings are “outstanding”, both in the 1 Gbit/s category and in the optical fibre-based 10 Gigabit category.”

The fixed and mobile networks outdo national and international competition

This victory demonstrates that Swisscom’s consistent focus on network expansion is paying off. By the end of 2025, we will expand fibre-optic coverage in Switzerland to between 50% and 60% and push ahead with mobile communication expansion at the same time. What’s more, as a technology leader, Swisscom is always at the forefront when it comes to introducing the latest developments. These include 50G-PON fibre-optic technology, which provides a transmission speed of 50 Gbit/s and can be used independently of the network architecture. Swisscom recently became the world’s first TSP to put the new technology into operation for test purposes in the live network of a Swiss municipality. The connect network tests impressively demonstrate that the networks in Switzerland are already outstanding. Swisscom regularly occupies the top spot when compared directly with German and Austrian providers. With high-performing networks and the latest technological innovations, our customers are ready for the many opportunities of the networked world.

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