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Swisscom has the best mobile network

The trade magazine connect has honoured Swisscom’s mobile network as the ‘best network’ in Switzerland, giving it the highest test rating of ‘outstanding’. Swisscom received 970 out of 1,000 points, which is the best score in a national and international comparison with Germany and Austria.

People celebrating the victory in the connect test

“I am delighted that we won connect’s fixed and mobile network test this year. This shows that our network is ready to deliver the best customer experience thanks to our dedicated employees,” says Christoph Aeschlimann, CEO Swisscom. Swisscom won the connect mobile network test for the 13th time this year. Swisscom achieved an incredible 970 points out of a maximum of 1,000. The results show that Swisscom, together with its partner Ericsson, is proactively expanding the mobile network against the backdrop of the difficult expansion conditions, leading to it achieving the top rating of ‘outstanding’ in this year’s test. connect wrote about the results: “With the best results in the data and crowd categories, top performance for 5G roll-out and the highest score in the 2022/23 network test season so far, Swisscom once again scores ‘outstanding’.”

In its mobile network test, connect evaluates companies in the categories of voice telephony, mobile data transmission and crowdsourcing. This year, 5G coverage and performance were also measured, but reliability was evaluated for the first time. And as every year, mobile coverage on trains was also included in the measurements. connect confirms Switzerland’s ‘almost perfect mobile coverage on trains’ and addressed Swisscom: “The services provided by Swisscom in particular are once again at the highest level this year.”

Maintenance and further mobile network expansion a challenge

The great result should not obscure the current challenges in network construction. In the future, it will become less and less realistic to excel in such tests under the unchanged stringent and difficult expansion conditions. In many places, mobile communication expansion has been severely impacted or is behind schedule, and maintenance of existing installations is also considerably more difficult. The volume of data transmitted continues to grow, and the expansion can no longer keep pace. For example, in urban areas, on average more than 90% of mobile communications systems are already being used to almost full capacity. To ensure that our customers can continue to benefit from excellent network quality in the future, we need to expand rapidly with new mobile technologies.

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