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Swisscom wins CHIP mobile network test

First place for Swisscom in CHIP mobile network test 2023. CHIP trade magazine has rated Swisscom’s mobile network the best network in Switzerland for the eighth time in a row. Besides being named overall winner, Swisscom also came top in all other categories, including the ‘best 5G network’. All these test wins confirm that Swisscom is ready, offering the best network and service quality.

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Once again this year, Swisscom has come top of all Swiss providers in the mobile network test carried out by CHIP trade magazine. Swisscom CEO, Christoph Aeschlimann: “I am delighted with Swisscom’s exceptional performance in the CHIP network test. It is clear that the company’s continued focus on network expansion is the right approach and that our customers are optimally connected.”

Swisscom best in all categories

CHIP completed a number of different tests throughout Switzerland over several weeks. Swisscom came top in every category: ‘5G’, ‘Internet’, ‘Telephony’ and ‘Long-distance trains’. The 5G network was a particular focus of this year’s tests. For the first time, CHIP exclusively tested smartphones with activated 5G for the test criteria 5G performance and availability. Swisscom won the category ‘best 5G network’ by a wide margin.

In its report, CHIP stated: “The results of our test clearly show that Swisscom has the best network in Switzerland with a score of 1.1, which is hard to beat in the German grading system, where 1.0 is the highest possible score and 6.0 the lowest. Not only that, Swisscom also came top in all sub-categories. It has the best mobile Internet and best network for telephony, and won our special award for long-distance trains and the new 5G technology, achieving a top score of 1.0 in this category. This top rating is well deserved because Swisscom also scores highly in international comparison with networks in Germany and Austria, offering the fastest average download speeds in German-speaking countries and the fewest errors.”

Best network and best service

In addition to its multi-award-winning mobile network, Swisscom has also been commended for its service: connect trade magazine has named the Swisscom Shop, app and hotline the best in Switzerland. Swisscom customers therefore benefit from the best network and service quality.

Major investments in further network expansion

The steady increase in mobile data consumption is a challenge for Swisscom. This is why Swisscom continues to expand its mobile network for its customers. With network coverage of 99% for 4G and 5G (up to 1 Gbit/s) and 74% for 5G+ with speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s, Swisscom’s mobile network provides Switzerland with optimal mobile communications.

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