Swisscom: the most sustainable telecommunications company in the world 

Every year, World Finance magazine recognises companies that are taking positive action for the environment and sustainability with its Sustainability Awards. For the third time in a row, Swisscom has been named Most Sustainable Company in the Telecommunication Industry 2023. 

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Swisscom has been committed to greater sustainability for over 25 years. This commitment has once again been recognised by the international panel of World Finance magazine. “We are delighted to be named the world’s most sustainable telecoms company for the third time in a row. This award confirms that we are on the right track towards achieving our ambitious sustainability goals. Each recognition motivates us to work even harder and consistently pursue the goals we have set,” says Saskia Günther, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom.

With its annual Sustainability Awards, World Finance Magazine recognises companies that are taking positive action in the areas of environment, society and corporate governance. “When we look at what is happening to the planet, a commitment to sustainability is increasingly important. We were particularly impressed by the revised sustainability strategy and governance within the company, the investments in innovative climate protection solutions for customers and the wider society, and the new Swisscom Campus online content hub. Once again, Swisscom’s pioneering role and far-reaching commitment to people and the environment impressed the international panel of experts,” says Monika Wojcik, Head of Special Projects at World Finance. 

Consistent pursuit of climate goals  

Swisscom has set itself the goal of becoming completely climate-neutral across its entire value chain by 2025. By pursuing a consistent sustainability strategy, direct emissions have been reduced by over 85% since 1990. To achieve this, Swisscom relies on 100% renewable energies, heat pumps and an emissions-free vehicle fleet, and leverages digitisation to support environmentally friendly business operations.  Swisscom is also involved in the upstream and downstream stages of the value chain. This includes integrating the latest advances in the design of own-brand devices. Swisscom now consistently uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics for its own products.  The current WLAN-Box 3 is made from 70% PCR, for example. As well as conserving resources, this also reduces the climate footprint by 0.5 kg CO2 per device. “Our long-term goal is for all our own-brand products to be fully recyclable,” says Saskia Günther.

Sustainably ready for a media-competent life 

Swisscom takes responsibility for people and the environment. For many years, the telecommunications company has been working to ensure that the entire Swiss population can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation – while also raising awareness of possible dangers, such as those posed by cyberbullying. The new Swisscom Campus online content hub provides tips and advice on using digital media for children, young people, parents and older people. It also provides a comprehensive education programme with 25 different courses covering all areas of life. Saskia Günther comments: “In my role as Head of Corporate Responsibility and also as a mother of two children, I see the importance of strengthening media literacy in society. This is why our explicit goal is to support two million people a year in the use of digital media by 2025 at the latest.”

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