Electronic signing made as easy as digital payments thanks to Swisscom Sign

Throughout Switzerland, contracts and other important documents can now be signed electronically from the My Swisscom app on a smartphone. Called Swisscom Sign, this new feature is available free of charge to everyone for private use, whether or not they are already a Swisscom customer. With the development, Swisscom has facilitated the transition from analogue to digital communication and smoothed the way for digital business and official processes.

Swisscom Sign: Sign contracts and other important documents with just a few clicks directly with the My Swisscom app.

The long-awaited electronic signing facility is now available to the Swiss public directly in the My Swisscom app under Swisscom Sign. Everything is fully digital, from AI-assisted identification to the qualified electronic signature. The only requirements are a smartphone, the My Swisscom app and a biometric passport or ID to complete the one-time registration.

Anyone who receives a paper document for signing also has the option of scanning the document with the My Swisscom app and signing it directly with Swisscom Sign. The signed document can then be shared with the contract parties by e-mail or using other communications applications. If additional signatures are required, others can also be invited to sign via Swisscom Sign. All signed documents will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

Legally equivalent to a handwritten signature

Swisscom Sign is based on the qualified electronic signature (QES), which, under Swiss law, is considered equivalent to a handwritten signature. This means that documents that require a handwritten signature can now be signed electronically from anywhere 24/7 on the My Swisscom app. This includes lease agreements, employment contracts, commercial register documents or even bank documents. Only in cases where the documents require notarisation or to be written by hand would this fully digital option still not be possible.

Free for private use

The electronic signature is free for private purposes, such as electronic administrative procedures, in connection with schools or other child-care settings, or for non-profit-making association activities. Anyone receiving a document for signature without a prepaid reply envelope can thus even save on the return postage with Swisscom Sign. If required for business purposes, each signature costs CHF 2.40. In the coming months, Swisscom Sign will also have offers for companies for the digitisation and straightforward management of signature processes.

Switzerland is lagging behind other countries in the digitisation of business and official processes. A straightforward, widely accepted qualified electronic signature is an essential requirement for a successful transition from analogue to digital communication. With Swisscom Sign, Swisscom is plugging this analogue gap in everyday processes, making administrative procedures easier, faster and more secure. Electronic signing not only speeds up business processes and saves on transportation resources and paper, but it also protects the signed document from tampering, offering a secure alternative to the handwritten signature.

Moreover, an electronically signed document can be uploaded to (a Swiss government website) and checked free of charge to ensure that the qualified electronic signature is valid under Swiss law.

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