SME IT Solution is available from Swisscom now.

Organisations today face a raft of challenges due to increasing competition, unstable supply chains, the need to tap new business opportunities and the battle for talent, amongst others. To succeed in such a testing environment, a secure, reliable and easy-to-maintain IT infrastructure is indispensable.

Boost your competitiveness

SME IT Solution provides a strong foundation for successful business growth. By outsourcing their entire IT infrastructure, customers are guaranteed reliable, optimally coordinated IT, Internet, network and telephony services. All of this helps to drive business process digitisation while improving collaboration between employees, partners and customers.

Straightforward, flexible and transparent

Thanks to its modular design, the Swisscom solution is easily tailored to individual customer requirements. If additional resources and services are required, they can be scaled to demand at any time. SMEs can therefore take full advantage of the opportunities offered by IT while enjoying complete transparency and control over monthly charges.

Swisscom has an extensive partner ecosystem that brings significant added value for customers. Local IT partners are on hand to provide advice and offer a bespoke service during installation and operation.

All-round protection against cybercriminals

With the growing threat of cybercrime, IT infrastructure protection is key to business success. As technology advances, attacks are intensifying and becoming increasingly sophisticated. For SMEs in particular, a lack of expertise, resources and ongoing investment make it difficult to keep up.

For SME IT Solution, security is a top priority. The IT outsourcing solution meets the highest security standards, ensuring that sensitive company data is optimally protected and always available. Operating systems, hardware and security are always kept up to date. The IT infrastructure is also subject to 24/7 automatic monitoring. Thanks to SME IT Solution, smaller SMEs can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to a cyberattack.

Roger Keller, Head of SME at Swisscom: “Workstation and server operation is something that very few SMEs would consider a core competency. What’s more, the IT needs of SMEs are extremely varied. This is where we can help: SME IT Solution is the integrated IT solution for SMEs – secure, straightforward, modular and from a single source.”

SME IT Solution is available from Swisscom now.



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