From 1 April 2024, the salary increase of 1.9% will benefit the approximately 10,000 Swisscom employees who are subject to the collective employment agreement. In order to take account of inflation, most employees will receive a general salary increase, which will vary according to their position in the salary band. A further part of the sum is earmarked for individual salary increases. Employees whose salary is above the salary band will receive a one-off payment.

Klementina Pejic, Head of Group Human Resources, Swisscom: ‘Swisscom employees showed great commitment to our customers and to Swisscom in 2023. We achieved very good results. With this year’s salary agreement, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and take account of inflation, especially with regard to lower salaries. As a good employer, it is important to us to pay market-oriented salaries in addition to attractive fringe benefits. With this in mind, I welcome the agreement reached with our social partners.’

Daniel Hügli, Head of Sector ICT of the trade union syndicom: ‘The negotiated salary increase makes an important contribution to reducing employees’ loss of purchasing power. With a significant overall share, we also ensure that as many employees as possible participate in Swisscom’s success. Thanks to the collective employment agreement that syndicom has agreed with Swisscom, we are able to conduct annual salary negotiations and thus help shape their rate of increase.’ 

Marika Schaeren, Head of ICT, transfair: ‘For transfair, it was important that the salary agreement at least offset inflation. Depending on the location in the salary band, we were able to achieve this for the majority of Swisscom employees. Even though we had been aiming for a higher result due to Swisscom’s good annual results in 2023, which were earned by Swisscom’s employees, the salary agreement seems to us to be an acceptable compromise due to the market situation.’

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