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Peace of mind in an emergency: Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem and CyberVault Backup

Critical infrastructures have to stay operational even in a crisis. Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem from Swisscom gives companies a highly available data centre solution with comprehensive cloud functionalities. Operating autonomously at the customer’s premises, it guarantees the availability of critical applications and data even in the event of an emergency. What’s more, with Swisscom’s CyberVault Backup, companies will be even better equipped against cyberattacks in the future. An immutable copy of the production backup is protected in an isolated environment within the Swisscom data centre and continuously scanned for anomalies. In the event of a cyberattack, the data can always be recovered.

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Now more than ever, companies have to be prepared for emergency situations such as a cyberattack, natural disaster or power outage. Critical infrastructures, such as healthcare and public health, transportation systems or financial services, have to stay operational even in an emergency. IT plays a key role in keeping a company’s business-critical activities up and running. What companies need are physically segregated solutions, which cannot be impacted by external factors. The availability of critical applications is just as crucial as the sovereignty of the data.

Swisscom’s private cloud in the customer’s data centre

Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem offers customers a highly available data centre solution on their own premises. In other words, the functionalities of Swisscom’s proven private cloud solution are also available in the customer’s own data centre. The hardware is located on site and enables autonomous, isolated operation in the event of a crisis such as a power outage. The selected IT components continue to run even if not connected to the IT provider, allowing the company to access applications and data in an emergency. Business continuity is ensured and consequential financial losses are contained. Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem from Swisscom is also intended for customers looking for complete data sovereignty; in the public sector, for example. Or for application scenarios involving large on-premise workloads, such as in the logistics sector. The solution guarantees a short latency between the data centre infrastructure and on-premise applications.

Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem is operated remotely by Swisscom or, if desired, with local teams on the customer’s premises. It is subject to the highest standards of security with data storage in Switzerland. It also offers many features from the established Enterprise Service Cloud: infrastructure-as-a-service and managed services are run automatically and can be selected and configured in the self-service portal. The solution offers maximum flexibility as it is completely scalable, with available sizes ranging from small to x-large.
Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem can also be used with Swisscom’s existing private cloud, optimally combining operational sovereignty and scaling.

CyberVault Backup from Swisscom for even greater cyberattack resilience

In the face of increasing cyberattacks, protective measures are the key to improving IT resilience. Intelligent data backup and recovery solutions are particularly important. With CyberVault Backup, organisations can protect their backups in an isolated environment within a Swisscom data centre. You benefit from malware-free backup data at all times, enabling the swift restoration of your critical systems following a cyberattack.

The service is aimed at companies looking for an additional data protection solution to safeguard their business-critical system backups. A golden copy of the production backup is created, which cannot be altered or deleted. Data is transferred separately from the network via air gap. The backup data in the CyberVault is compared against the previous version with the aid of machine learning and is thus continuously checked for anomalies. In the event of irregularities, the Swisscom Security experts immediately inform the company of a threat and give recommendations.

Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Product Line Cloud at Swisscom: “The modern business world is volatile and uncertain. With Enterprise Service Cloud OnPrem and CyberVault Backup, we keep business-critical applications up and running or ensure their recovery should the worst happen.”

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