Swiss-Ski main sponsor until 2022

A dynamic renewal

Teaming up for Swiss winter sports: after 15 years Swisscom is renewing its contract as main sponsor of Swiss-Ski for another five years until 2022. Tom Rieder, Head of Sponsoring, explains how this will affect ski sport fans and what will change.

Franziska Rolli, 27 September 2017

Swisscom and winter sports in Switzerland – you could almost call it a romance, or at least a long and faithful partnership. Impressive 15 years since Swisscom took on the role of main sponsor at the Swiss Ski Association: initially for the Nordic disciplines, then later for the alpine events as well.

The tradition actually goes back a few generations more – to the Lauberhorn ski race in 1930 sponsored by the PTT.

Christian Rubi, winner of the first Lauberhorn race in 1930. Picture: Keystone

Swisscom’s ski sports adventure still has more chapters to unfold, as emphasised by the joint signing of the partnership renewal by Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom and Urs Lehmann, President of Swiss-Ski. Swisscom thus underscores its long-term commitment to Swiss winter sports – and a sponsorship that will soon date 20 years.

Swisscom will thus remain main sponsor of the national team until 2022, and all the Swiss-Ski teams in the alpine, Nordic, snowboarding, freestyle and telemark disciplines until 2022.

Tom Rieder, Head of Live Experience & Sponsoring at Swisscom, is delighted.

Tom Rieder, Head of Live Experience & Sponsoring, Swisscom

Tom Rieder, why are you happy about the renewal of Swisscom's commitment to winter sports?

Although clearly not as prominent as they were before, winter sports are still of great importance to the Swiss population – and to our customers. Winter sports thrill and captivate the whole of Switzerland, as we saw in the recent world ski championships in St. Moritz. Especially in times of increasingly intense competition, it is important to make long-term investments in the Swisscom brand.
In the contract we have just negotiated, I am particularly delighted that we have been able to initiate new and exciting projects related to grass-roots sport and promoting talented youngsters.

What does Swiss-Ski gain from the contract renewal?

A reliable partner providing assistance at all levels (grass roots, young talent and top-class sport) in addition to support with its digital platforms.

Swisscom and Swiss-Ski share a common goal: namely, to keep Switzerland at the top of international ski sports in the long term. Can Swisscom really make a difference?

Yes, I've no doubt about it. During its 15-year partnership Swisscom has significantly contributed to giving Swiss-Ski’s marketing and presentation a more professional touch. In doing so, we help Swiss-Ski to continue playing a leading role.

A new aspect

Promoting talented youngsters

When it comes to upcoming talent, Swisscom is creating its own team comprising 10 athletes from across all disciplines. These athletes will benefit from specific coaching and training such as the sport traineeship at Swisscom. Swisscom will also be the helmet sponsor for these 10 talented youngsters.
In addition, Swisscom is also initiating the Swisscom Youth Cup, a competition for young skiers.

Extending grass-roots alpine sport

School children should enjoy more time in the snow and on the piste again. The "Swisscom Snow Days", which started four years ago (offering low-cost snow sports days for urban school classes) will be extended in 2018/19 by a family snow sports day. This will take place annually at the end of the winter season, letting families spend a day in the snow at discounted rates. Exclusive added benefits are also planned for Swisscom customers (preferential terms). Besides the "Swisscom Snow Days", Swisscom is also to become main partner of the youth ski camp, which lets around 600 teenagers aged between 13 and 14 take part in the largest snow sports camp in Switzerland at an affordable cost.

Securing exclusive broadcasting rights

In the renegotiated contract with Swiss-Ski, Swisscom has acquired exclusive content and broadcasting rights to selected FIS world cup events for Teleclub Zoom.