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The Neo QLED 4K that should be on everyone’s wishlist

Sign up for a new blue Internet subscription with blue TV M, L or XL by 4 June 2023 and receive a new SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 for only 99.– (valued at 1999.–).

blue Internet package with blue TV and SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023

  • Offer available with a new blue Internet subscription and from blue TV M
  • Up to 10 Gbit/s max. up/download
  • Free WLAN router worth 199.–
  • Up to 330+ channels
  • Up to 2000h of recording and 7-day Replay with fast forwarding
  • Free TV-Box worth 99.– 

​ SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 for only 99.– (valued at 1999.–)

Price per month
From 89.90

What you need to know about the offer

  • When you take out a new Internet subscription (e.g. Internet M for 79.90/month) plus blue TV M (24.90/month) as a minimum, you will receive a SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 for only 99.– (valued at 1999.–).
  • Exclusive online: free activation worth 99.90
  • Offer available until 04.06.2023 or while stocks last.  
  • Minimum subscription period for Internet and blue TV M is 36 months each. 
  • In the event of the early cancellation of blue TV, you will be charged the costs of the router and TV-Box supplied – Swisscom TV Box, Apple TV Box – as well as the remaining subscription fees.  
  • If the contract is invalid or is cancelled by you and you have already received the SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023, then you will be charged the full purchase price of the SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 plus a fixed fee of CHF 200.–. 
  • Offer does not apply to blue TV S or when simply switching to a blue subscription (from Vivo, for example) or when switching from a fixed network product (e.g. Swisscom Line basic) without blue Internet.  
  • Cannot be combined with other promotions.  
  • *Suggested retail price (SRP) 1999.–

55“ SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 (55QN83C)

  • Gaming with HDMI 2.1 in 4K quality at up to 120 frames per second
  • Consistently detailed picture from almost any viewing angle thanks to Ultra Viewing Angle
  • 4K AI upscaling technology with 20 neural networks enables full 4K experience with any type of content
  • Dolby Atmos certified 

Worth 1999.– (SRP)

Product sheet (German)(opens in new tab)

Warranty terms

Support is provided directly by Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH. In the event of defects or for information on the warranty, please contact us directly via this link(opens in new tab) or call 0800 726 786 to reach the customer support team at Samsung Switzerland. A special arrangement is in place for Swisscom customers, which allows the 55" TV to be repaired via the Smart Repair Pick-Up Service. Please follow the link above to find out more.

If the packaging is badly damage, do not accept delivery or report the damage to Swisscom within 2 working days by calling 0800 800 800.

  1. Sign up for a new blue Internet subscription with blue TV M, L or XL and receive a SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 for only 99.– (valued at 1999.–).
  2. For the purchase of the SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023, you will receive an e-mail from Swisscom with a promotion code valid until 29.10.2023 after the contract has been concluded and the product has been successfully activated by 15.10.2023 at the latest.
  3. Click on the link in the e-mail, order the SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 in the online shop and enter your code on the last page of the order process under ‘Add online voucher‘. Thanks to the voucher, you will receive the SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 for only 99.– (value at 1999.–).
  4. The SAMSUNG TV Neo QLED 4K 2023 will be delivered by Swiss Post package freight. You will be notified by Swiss Post in advance. Swisscom will pass on the contact details required for notification (telephone number and e-mail) to Swiss Post for this purpose. Swiss Post will deliver the item ‘to the kerbside’.
  • Each blue Premium package has its own content, i.e. blue Premium DE has different content than blue Premium FR. With the English language profile, you automatically receive blue Premium DE; in other words, German content.
  • The following language profiles/blue Premium packages are available with blue TV XL: 
Language profile
blue Premium-Paket
blue Premium DE
French blue Premium FR
Italian blue Premium IT
English blue Premium DE
  • Do you subscribe to blue TV XL with the German language package (blue Premium DE), but would also like blue Premium FR, for example? You can easily add this additional package for 19.90/month. 
  • You can also subscribe to the blue Premium packages with blue TV S, M or L. You will then pay an additional 19.90/month per package on top of the TV subscription price. blue Premium is included with blue TV XL. 
  • You can adjust your language profile at any time in My Swisscom (under TV > Options). Please note: if you change your language profile from German to French, for example, blue Premium DE will automatically switch to blue Premium FR and will therefore offer different content. 
  • blue Premium DE channel content 
  • Your Internet subscription has been changed automatically – you are now enjoying even faster speeds. Find out everything you need to know about the Internet subscriptions here.  
  • Existing customers can only benefit from the subscription offer by taking out a new blue home subscription for another location.   

Yes, you can adjust the products in the My Swisscom Customer Centre at any time. However, the minimum service period of 36 months applies to blue Internet and at least blue TV M. blue TV can therefore be adjusted from M to L at any time. However, an adjustment to blue TV S is not possible during the contract term.

  • Climate-neutral subscriptions require a climate-neutral network (mobile and fixed-telephone network) and climate-neutral devices (Internet boxes, TV boxes, WLAN boxes and smartphones). 
  • The Swisscom network is climate-neutral: Swisscom has been operating its entire network with 100% renewable energy for over 10 years and generates some of the electricity it consumes itself thanks to its 87 photovoltaic plants. By continuously modernising the technology and increasing energy efficiency, we have also been able to reduce CO2 emissions from operations by over 80% since 1990. All these measures result in fewer CO2 emissions. We offset all residual CO2 emissions that we cannot reduce ourselves. 
  • Devices are climate-neutral: Swisscom’s own products such as Internet and TV boxes have been climate-neutral since 2020. This is due to more efficient production and optimised packaging. We do not produce smartphones ourselves, but we fully offset the CO2 emissions generated during production, transport and use on behalf of our customers. Offsetting means that CO2 emissions are prevented or removed from the atmosphere by investing in climate protection projects to reduce an equivalent quantity of emissions elsewhere. Swisscom supports various recognised climate protection projects.