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Ethernet Switch

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Set up your Ethernet Switch and avoid pairing problems.

Device and ports

The Ethernet Switch allows you to connect up to 7 additional devices to one Ethernet port. The Ethernet Switch is compatible with all Swisscom Internet-Boxs.


How to install your Ethernet Switch:

Plug in the device and connect the Ethernet Switch to your Internet-Box using an Ethernet cable (not supplied). Use the Ethernet connection 1 to connect the Ethernet Switch and router.



Raccorder Ethernet Switch

There can be connection problems if you use the Internet-Booster and WLAN-Box in tandem with the Ethernet Switch at home. If this happens, reset all the settings on your Ethernet Switch and reconfigure the device again.


Do you not have a Swisscom Ethernet switch? If not, check the manufacturer’s instructions as to whether your device supports VLAN settings and how you can adapt them. The two Ethernet ports to which Internet-Box 2Internet-Box 3 and the Internet-Booster are connected, must support VLAN 699, VLAN 700 and VLAN 1977.


Proceed as follows:



  1. Enter into the address bar of your browser.
  2. Log in to the web portal of your Internet Box. If you forgot your details, click on "Forgot your first setup or password?" to reset your password and request a new one.
  3. Click on the menu item "Network" > "Device List".
  4. Search for the device labelled "TL-SG2008" or "T1500G-8T" and make a note of the IP address.
  5. Open a new page in your browser and enter the noted IP address into the address bar.
  6. When prompted, please provide the following information: Username: admin / Password: admin
  7. Download the configuration file for the model you are using on a computer/laptop:

    Configuration file for TP Link T1500G-8T model
    Configuration file for TP Link TL-SG2008 model
  8. Select the "Additional settings" tab.
  9. In the menu on the left, select “System” and then “System tools”.
  10. On the “Config Restore” tab, click “Choose file”.
  11. Select the downloaded configuration file and click on the button “Restore config”; then select “Import” and confirm with “OK”.
  12. After a few minutes, the Switch will restart with all the settings from Swisscom.



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