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What is Business Telephony?

An inOne SME subscription gives you the option to use Business Telephony, so you can make calls using your landline number, even when you are out of the office. Incoming calls can reach you on your smartphone/tablet or PC/laptop on your fixed-network number. This service requires an app for your smartphone/tablet or a client for your PC/laptop.

Setting up the app/client

Download the app or client so you can still be reached on your fixed network number even when you are on the move.


macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher (Min. 4GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU, Dual Core CPU)


Windows 10 (Min. 4GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU, Dual Core CPU) – Classical view only


Android 7.0 or higher (2 GB RAM, ARMv7, Quad Core CPU, min. 480x800px display) – Blackberry devices are not supported


iOS 13 on iPhone 7 or higher

Rooted Devices are not supported.


The Business Telephony app and client are not available on Windows phones (no universal app).

Invite employees

Send an invite to your employees and enable them to use the app or client for calls too.

How it works

  • Set delivery address

    Specify the personal delivery address (e-mail or mobile number) for each employee on My Swisscom, under the "Business Telephony app" tab.

    Personal message

    You now have the option to include a personal message.

  • Invitation sent

    The employee can now download and install the app.

When you send the invitation, the employee receives a message with their user name and the link they can use to download the Business Telephony app. The password is set in the app by clicking on "Register/forgotten password" in the first step. The user can then following the instructions on My Swisscom to start using the application.


You can change the settings for the Business Telephony app or client in the app itself or at


The user name and password for the Business Telephony app is set by Swisscom and is known only to you. If you forget the password you can reset it in the app. A link will then be sent to the e-mail address you entered, which you can use to reset your password and choose your own user name.


After installing the Business Telephony app, you can log in by entering your user name and password. Ask your company’s administrator for a user name if you don’t have them yet.

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new password directly in the app by clicking on the link "Register/Forgotten password".

Saving your password

You can save your password so that you don’t forget it again. For Windows and macOS, it is automatically saved for 180 days. To save the password to an Android/iOS device, activate the “Save password” function.


Please note: For security reasons, you will need to log in again at the end of the 180-day period. You may use the same password for this.


Business Telephony is included in every business subscription. The inOne SME mobile and NATEL® business infinity subscriptions include unlimited data, so there are no additional costs within Switzerland. It is usually free abroad when you use a WLAN connection. Roaming costs may be incurred as soon as you use the mobile data network abroad.


More information on roaming


You can see an overview of connections and costs on My Swisscom.


Good to know


You can use the Business Telephony app and the client to phone with a headset. The app and the client have been tested with various Plantronics headsets. Using these headsets, you can use the pick up/hang up, mute on/off and volume functions individually via the buttons/controller on the headset itself.


Recommended headsets


The Business Telephony app is not supported in VDI/RS environments.


For the app to function correctly, you will need to allow the necessary microphone, camera, contacts and call authorisations.

Wireless LAN

Ensure that your WLAN network is professionally and optimally configured to use the app. If the Access Points are configured incorrectly or not optimally positioned, you may experience quality problems during calls (dropped calls, lack of audio connection, number unobtainable, etc.)

For good voice quality

Ensure that:

  • mobile data usage is enabled on your smartphone
  • any energy-saving modes (primarily Android) or data-saving settings are deactivated.

Operating system

App versions prior to 22.8.6 do not work with iOS13/Android Q (and subsequent releases)

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