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Find help on the use of Smart Business Connect, information about compatible devices and answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Smart Business Connect?

Smart Business Connect combines the latest IP telephony with high-performance Internet. You can customise your Smart Business Connect with additional services or features such as fix IP addresses.

You can enjoy the benefits of Smart Business Connect by using an on-site (Trunk) or a virtual (Hosted) telephone system:

On-site telephone system (Trunk)​

If you wish to use an on-site telephone system, your Swisscom partner will provide you with all the information you need about installation and set-up, compatible devices and adjusting the settings.

Virtual telephone system (Hosted)

If you wish to use a virtual telephone system, the Business Communication app enables you to use the same fixed-network number when you're on the move as you use in the office. It also offers additional features such as presence information, chat and online meetings.

Adjustment of settings

Log into My Swisscom (Customer Center) to manage additional settings such as:

  • Programming your phone’s function keys
  • Downloading your business communication app
  • Locating your phone’s operating instructions

Compatible devices

Smart Business Connect is compatible with various IP telephones, fax machines and headsets.

IP telephone

An IP telephone gives you all the benefits of modern fixed network telephony. Please contact your partner to purchase IP telephones for use with Smart Business Connect.


An external headset with integrated microphone offers a range of benefits. It improves voice quality, eliminates background noise and provides a secure, encrypted connection between the base transceiver station and headset.

Analogue devices

Most existing analogue phones can continue to be used; however, the * and # keys must be operated on the computer keyboard.


Fax machines can also be used with Smart Business Connect. Please refer to our recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

Swisscom bietet Ihnen eine Auswahl an getesteten und zertifizierten Telefonen für Smart Business Connect. Diese können Sie über Ihren Partner beziehen. Falls Sie bereits den gleichen Telefon-Typ besitzen, können Sie diesen weiterverwenden. Ihre MAC's müssen Sie jedoch bei Swisscom registrieren. ISDN wird bei Hosted und Trunk nicht unterstützt.

Nein. Mit Business Internet Services muss der Centro Business Router von Swisscom verwendet werden. Den Centro Business Router können Sie bei Ihrem Swisscom Partner bestellen.

Bei SIP-SIP und SIP-Direkt wird das Kanalsharing unterstützt, nicht aber bei SIP-ISDN. Zu beachten gilt, dass Kanalsharing nur zur Verfügung steht, wenn alle Standorte die gleiche Trunktechnik SIP-SIP oder SIP-Direkt verwenden.

Nein, ein Kommunikationspaket ist einem Benutzer zugeordnet und die Features können nicht geteilt werden.

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