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Suppressing your telephone number, Service 31

Suppressing your telephone number, Service 31

Suppressing your telephone number (Service 31)

Withholding your phone number and name

The caller's name appears on the display even if the name is not stored in your phone address book. You can withhold your phone number or name if you do not wish your interlocutor to see them displayed. You will appear as an anonymous caller to those you call.

You can apply this setting on your phone on a call-by-call basis. Your phone number will be withheld when you make your next call.

To withhold your number for a call:

 + phone number you are calling + 

(e.g. *310447776655# to call phone number 044 777 66 55)

Automatic display of the name

When you phone somebody or are receiving a phone call, your telephone number will appear on the display of the person you are talking to. You can prevent this by suppressing your identification.

How to withhold your number

You can withhold your identification for certain calls only.

  1. Pick up the receiver.
  2. Press the  key.
  3. Enter the number   and your code.
  4. Wait until a connection is established.
  5. Identification of your line will be suppressed for this call.

Enable for a call

Your number will not be shown if permanent witholding is not activated:

#31# dialled number + SEND

Disable for a call

Your number will be shown if permanent witholding is activated:

#31# dialled number + SEND


Press     and then "Select"

The redirection remains enabled until you disable it again.


Press    and then "Select"

Please note

  • Please note that some people do not accept calls with suppressed telephone numbers.
  • Your number will not be suppressed for calls to emergency numbers (112, 117, 118, 144, etc.).
  • When you make calls abroad, it may happen that your telephone number is displayed although you have activated the withhold function.


The additional service “Suppressing your phone number” is free of charge.

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