Save energy: tips for your Swisscom devices

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Switch off your router and WLAN, use energy-saving accessories or use smart accessories to save power when using your Swisscom Internet-Box, WLAN-Box or TV-Box.

Internet-Box and WLAN

You can limit your energy consumption when your Internet-Box or WLAN-Box is not in use.

Use your WLAN even more sustainably: save electricity by setting WLAN standby times in My Swisscom(opens in new tab). This will automatically switch off the WLAN of your Internet-Box at the times you define.

If you have an Internet-Box standard or Internet-Box plus router, please follow these instructions.

If you do not need your Internet connection at home, e.g. if you are away on holiday, disconnect the router and its power supply unit from the mains.

Services such as fixed network telephony, alarm systems and security cameras only work when the router is switched on.

If you don’t need the WLAN because your devices are all connected to the Internet-Box by cable, then switch off the WLAN via the corresponding WLAN symbol on your Internet-Box.

Swisscom TV-Box

Save power when not using your TV-Box.

Give your TV-Box a well-earned rest when you don’t need it: at night when you are sleeping, for instance, or during the day when you are at work. Even when switched off, any recordings you have programmed will still take place. When you switch it back on, the TV-Box is fully operational in just 30 seconds.

If you do not use the TV box regularly or you want to reduce your power consumption as far as possible, you can activate the energy-saving mode for the Swisscom Box 21 during standby. When the TV-Box is started up, it takes about 30–35 seconds longer until it is ready for use again.

The energy-saving mode can be activated directly during the installation of the new Swisscom Box 21 or in the TV menu under "TV-Box" > "Saving energy" > "Standby mode" > "Energy saving mode".

We recommend that you unplug your TV-Box from the mains before you go on holiday. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing: all programmed recordings will still take place.

Accessories and more

With the right accessories, using less energy couldn’t be easier.

The myStrom WiFi switch allows you to switch devices on and off and operate them from your smartphone using intelligent energy saving features.

All devices connected to the same power strip can be switched off at the touch of a button: a switched power strip makes it easier to save energy. 

We do not recommend connecting the router to a power strip.

When you purchase new household appliances, check the energy label to gauge the energy consumption. Energy efficiency classes range from A+++ to D, where A+++ (dark green) is the most efficient and D (red) the least. Find out more about the efficiency class of all appliances at in new tab).

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