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How to eliminate Internet and connection problems

Eliminating Internet and connection problems

Our recommendation

Quick Check

Quick Check allows you to automatically check your line and eliminate Internet and connection problems when there is no connection or when the connection is interrupted or slow.

No connection

If your device is not connected to the Internet there can be several reasons for this. If Quick Check does not eliminate the problem, check the following additional solution options:

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Check router and reboot 

Is the power cable connected and is the router switched on?

Is the cable for the Internet connection correctly connected? Is the LED light on the router white?

Is your WLAN activated on the router.

Can you answer all the questions with ‘yes’? Reboot the router and your device (laptop, PC, smartphone or table) to restore the connection.

Option 2 of 2

Create a temporary connection using the Ethernet cable and set up WLAN again

Connect the computer and router with the Ethernet cable

Set up the WLAN connection step by step with the My Swisscom Assistant: Download

Select the function "Connect WLAN” on the desktop


Is the Internet connection interrupted on some or all connected devices? If Quick Check does not eliminate the problem, check the following additional solution options:

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Activate Band Steering 

Band steering automatically switches devices to the optimum WLAN network (2.4 or 5 GHz).

How to activate band steering:

Enter http://internetbox.home or in your Internet browser. 
This lets you access the Internet-Box web portal.

Select "WLAN" in the menu on the left

Select "WLAN band steering"

Select "activate WLAN band steering"

Option 2 of 2

Check the router position

Try to place your router where you use WLAN most regularly. For more tips on the best place to locate your router refer to your Internet-Box user manual.

Can't change the location?

The WLAN-Box extends the WLAN of your Internet-Box 2 and creates a new WLAN where there is none currently or where the existing WLAN is not sufficient.

Slow connection

Problems with speed are very complex and can have many different causes. In general, a distinction is made between the Internet speed (dependent on your Internet subscription) and the WLAN speed (the connection between the Internet-Box and the computer/laptop). Both factors can influence the speed of your connection.


If Quick Check does not eliminate the problem, check the following additional solution options:

Option 1 of 3

Improve automatically

Analyse your WLAN and improve the quality of the connection with the help of My Swisscom Assistant.

Option 2 of 3

Improve manually

Experienced users can also pinpoint the cause of a slow connection manually. Aside from some technical knowledge, you also need the results of the speed test and availability checker. You can use these results to isolate the cause and work out what to do next, like positioning your router in the optimum location. See the installation instructions for more details.

Speedtest easy and fast per App

Did you know? You can also carry out the speed test in the Home app.
Benefit: You are connected directly with your Internet-Box.

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Expert support (chargeable)

Still not resolved your Internet connection problem? Our customer support will be happy to help you further.



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