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Public WLAN

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Set up PWLAN on your device, use hotspots and deactivate services. 

Hotspots & requirements

With Swisscom Public WLAN (PWLAN), you can use your device at over 5,000 hotspots across Switzerland.


As a Swisscom customer with an inOne (SME), Vivo, NATEL® (business) infinity and My SME Office subscription or other older subscriptions, you can enjoy free surfing at any hotspot. Use of the Public WLAN without a subscription will be charged to your credit card. Click here for all the details.


Before you can use PWLAN, you first need to set it up on your smartphone or tablet. You will need your Swisscom Login for this.


Setup is only possible if you are in the vicinity of the PWLAN.


To disconnect from the PWLAN, go to WLAN in your settings and deactivate the ‘Swisscom’ connection.



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