Setting up parental controls

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Protect your children and young people by blocking adult entertainment on mobile phones and the TV or by setting Internet surfing times.

On your mobile phone

By default, Swisscom blocks access to value-added services for all children and young people under 16 years of age to meet statutory protection of minors requirements.  

This block is automatically deactivated on the child’s 16th birthday and can be reactivated in My Swisscom. Before that, the legal guardian can have 0900 and 0901 numbers as well as mobile payment via 0800 800 800 unblocked by Swisscom.

On your Internet-Box

Internet blocking for devices (parental control function) lets you set surfing times individually for each device and day of the week.

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Activation via My Swisscom app

In the My Swisscom app you can define when and for how long a particular device can be connected to the Internet each day.
Block Internet for devices 

Option 2 on 2

Activation in the web portal of the Internet-Box

  1. Log into the Web portal by entering or into your Internet browser. Please note that you only have access to the Web portal when your home network is connected to your Internet-Box.
  2. You will find the Internet block in the overview on the left-hand side under Applications. 
  3. Click on Internet Block and activate the parental control function for the desired device by clicking on the “On/Off” slider. 
  4. To define a start and end time for Internet usage, go to the detail view of the device and choose a weekday by clicking on the timeline, hold down the mouse button and drag to the left or right as required.
  5. Confirm with “Save”. From now, the device will only be able to access the Internet via LAN or WLAN during the times you have set.

Internet Security

Would like you to benefit from additional parental controls? Internet Security protects your children with a subject filter before they access undesirable or dangerous websites.

On blue TV

The protection of minors function enables you to prevent children and young people from accessing or renting certain channels, programmes and films.

Activating parental controls and change the parental control PIN(opens in new tab)

  • Swisscom TV-Box: Home > Settings > Account > Parental control
  • Apple TV 4K & smart TV: Home > Settings > Parental control
  • iOS devices: More > Settings > Parental control
  • Android devices: More > Settings > Parental control
  • Via Profile picture (top right) > Parental control

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