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Speedtest: Check your Internet speed

How fast could you surf at home? And how fast are you currently surfing? Take the Internet Speedtest to check the speed of your Internet connection. Also find out how you can optimise your internet speed with our additional devices.

Test your current Internet speed

Test your internet speed on your computer with thecnlab desktop app.

Test your current Internet speed


Test your internet speed with the cnlab app.


  • There are no other programs open on your computer.
  • The computer is directly connected to the Internet-Box with a network cable.
  • Every time data is transferred, including when testing the Internet speed, additional information is sent for each data package. This itself impacts the transmission speed. The test will therefore never measure the maximum speed. This is the case for every Internet provider.
The test results depend on the current load of your Internet. The test results may vary if you have just installed certain updates, for example, or if TV is being watched in different rooms at the same time.

blue Internet S, M or L

The right subscription for every speed

  • Max. 10 Gbit/s upload and download
  • Free WLAN router worth 199.–
  • The biggest fibre optic network in Switzerland

How to optimise your home


Improve WLAN reception

The WLAN-Box connects your home Internet and TV devices to the best WLAN.


Connect your home

Router, Internet, TV and fixed-network telephony: optimise your Internet connection by combining the Swisscom devices in your home.