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If you are experiencing slow Internet, interruptions, WLAN problems or no connection at all, check your connection online or try our suggested solutions.

Check your internet connection online

If you are experiencing problems, check your Internet on My Swisscom (Customer Center). You can find a range of tailored solutions there or report the problem to Swisscom. If you are not yet logged in, you will need your Swisscom Login.

Automatic technical support is also available to assist you with faults on the TV network or fixed network. At and in the My Swisscom app, we will also inform you about current faults and maintenance work.

Mobile phone as an interim solution

No time to deal with your Internet problems right now? Use your mobile phone as a temporary hotspot or connect your smartphone directly to the router so you can also keep using your Smart Home devices for this interim period.

No or poor WLAN reception

Check your Internet connection on My Swisscom if possible. If this is not an option because you do not have a Login, the following suggestions may also help.

Position your router on its own (not inside, beneath or behind furniture) in as central location as possible. This will ensure the best WLAN coverage for your home. If you are unable to reposition the router, you can extend your WLAN with a WLAN-Box.

The Internet-Box 3 or Internet-Box 4 gives you all the benefits of the very latest technology. To switch to one of our latest Centro Business routers, please contact us or your Swisscom partner

Go to the Internet-Box 3

Go to the Internet-Box 4

  • Make sure the router and WLAN are switched on.
  • Switch off the WLAN from your connected device (laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet) and then back on again, and restore the connection.

The WLAN-Box extends your WLAN range, optimises reception and wirelessly connects your Swisscom TV-Box.

Go to WLAN-Box(opens in new tab)

If websites take too long to load, do a WLAN speed test with your smartphone in the My Swisscom App.  

> You will find more tips on home networking in the guide.

WLAN name (SSID) is not displayed

Your WLAN name is not displayed on your computer although

  • Other devices, such as your smartphone, display the WLAN
  • Your computer displays other WLANS, e.g. those of your neighbours.

A few Windows computers cannot connect to the Internet-Box 3 and Internet-Box 4 WLAN, or to the WLAN-Box 2, because they don’t recognise the WLAN and cannot display it as one of the available networks  due to interaction with new Wi-Fi 6 technology.

To resolve the problem, update the driver of the affected device. You will need to connect your router with the router using an Ethernet cable.

An alternative, temporary solution is to deactivate Wi-Fi 6 on the router:

Please note that this solution will affect all devices and you will not benefit from the advantages offered by Wi-Fi 6 (e.g. faster speeds, more stable internet connection).

Interruptions or no Internet

Check your Internet connection; use your smartphone on My Swisscom if possible. If this is not an option because you do not have a Login, the following tips may also help.

  • Unplug the power cable and all other cables from your router and then plug them back in.
  • Make sure the router and WLAN are switched on.
  • Restart your devices (laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet) to restore the connection.
  • Switch off your router.
  • Disconnect the router from the power supply for approx. 30 seconds.
  • Restart the router to restore the connection.

> You will find more tips on home networking in the guide.

Slow Internet connection

If an individual website is unusually slow, it is probably overloaded. This happens when too many people are trying to access a website at the same time. Return to the site later.

If multiple websites are running slow, this may be due to a problem with your connection or home network (WLAN connection etc.). Check your Internet for faults on My Swisscom. You will find a range of tailored solutions here and you can also test the speed of your connection and report the problem Swisscom.

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