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Find the right solution interactively and step by step.

Until the Internet is up and running again, you can:

Find the right solution interactively and step by step.

Until the Internet is up and running again, you can:

​ Go to for information about current faults and maintenance work.

WLAN or Internet not working

Make sure that the Internet-Box is switched on and that the LED is showing a white light.

  • Is the LED flashing red or not lighting up at all? Check all the plugs on the router. Briefly disconnect the Internet-Box from the power supply and restart it.
  • Is the LED showing a steady blue light? Your Internet-Box is faulty. Please contact us to exchange your device.

Make sure that the WLAN is switched on and that the LED symbol is showing a white light. You can switch your WLAN on and off directly at the router using the corresponding button or in My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

Switch the WLAN briefly off and on again at the connected device (laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet), and restore the connection.

If your Internet is still not working, briefly switch all connected devices off and on again:

  • Router 
  • Devices such as laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Connection kits such as WLAN-Box, network switch, Powerline (if used)

Tips to optimise your WLAN

The WLAN works best when it has an unobstructed path. Therefore place your Internet-Box centrally in the room. Furniture, plants or walls can obstruct the WLAN.

Do you have a distribution box(opens in new tab) at home? This greatly reduces WLAN reception. An additional WLAN-Box will improve the WLAN range.

The Internet-Box 3 and Internet-Box 4 offer the fastest and most reliable WLAN connection with Wi-Fi 6. Please note: the device must also support the technology in order to benefit from the improvements.

To switch to the latest Centro Business model, get in touch with your Swisscom partner or contact us.

A large distance to your devices as well as walls and ceilings greatly reduce WLAN range and speed. A WLAN box increases the range of your WLAN, optimises reception and connects your TV-Box wirelessly to the Internet-Box.

How many WLAN-Boxes do I need at home?

You can connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box by WLAN or Ethernet cable. For optimum WLAN results, we recommend using an Ethernet cable.

Websites loading slowly, or streaming keeps stopping and starting? Open the WLAN speed test in the My Swisscom app(opens in new tab) on your mobile. This lets you walk around your home and see in real time where the WLAN reception is best or if there are any gaps.

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