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Switching offer for new customers

Switch provider in just a few steps. Take advantage of our offer and switch your mobile subscription to Swisscom today.

  Best network coverage

  Best service 24/7

Sustainable commitment

Switch to Swisscom in just 3 steps

1. Choose the right mobile subscription for you

Select the blue mobile subscription you want online and place an order, with or without a new mobile phone. During the order process, enter the phone number from your subscription with your current provider.Do you currently use a prepaid product? Switch now and receive a half-price mobile subscription Find out more

2. Complete the porting form

  • You will come to an electronic porting form during the order process. You can complete this at the time or later online and send it to Swisscom.
  • As soon as Swisscom receives the porting form, we will advise you by e-mail or letter as to when you will receive your SIM.

3. Upload your final bill

Swisscom takes care of all the formalities and covers your outstanding costs up to 500.–. After you have paid the final bill from your provider, upload a copy on this page. The information we send you will include the link to the website.


Once we have checked the uploaded documents, we will refund you the costs up to 500.– through credit on your next 12 Swisscom bills.

Tip: If you open this page on your mobile phone, you can take a picture of the bill and upload it directly.

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