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Access the history data for that very specific room through your Additional Smart Indoor Module. Access the graphs via the app that allow you to see the changes in that room at a glance. Problems with humidity in the bathroom? Monitor the trend over a longer period of time. Restless sleep? Take a look at the air values of the last time for your bedroom!

The Additional Smart Indoor Module informs you about air values in the room of your choice. Want to make sure your kids sleep in a healthy environment? The CO2 concentration is too high, the temperature is dropping, the humidity is rising... Set up your notifications to get only the information you care about on your smartphone.

Your Additional Smart Indoor Module supplies your Smart Weather Station with the data of the room where you have placed it. It thus proves to be a reliable ally for your comfort. Based on its measurements, you can regulate the heating to adjust the temperature or open the window at the right time to let the humidity escape in that room or reduce the air pollution.

. We spend much more time indoors than outdoors. That's reason enough to pay more attention to the air we breathe in any indoor space, depending on how the space is used. An example? In a poorly ventilated bedroom, CO2 levels rise sharply overnight, which can leave you feeling unrested in the morning. The Additional Smart Indoor Module finally gives you real-time data about the air quality in each room. Then you know: it's time to ventilate!

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