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Android or iOS? It’s all about the operating system

The choice of Android or iOS is simply a matter of taste. Some like the simple operation of Apple devices, while others prefer the variety of SamsungLGHuawei and others. Or are you primarily interested in a phone that can withstand a lot? Then perhaps a Caterpillar model is the phone for you.

Whichever smartphone you prefer, at the end of the day, the most important thing is being available at all times. With 99.9% network coverage in Switzerland, Swisscom can virtually assure this. And if you’d like to leave the mobile at home, you could also opt for a smartwatch with Multi Device.

Matching accessories for your smartphone

Was Ihnen viel bedeutet, muss natürlich geschützt werden. Daher empfehlen wir Ihnen unsere Schutzhüllen, beispielsweise aus Leder von Bugatti oder mit einem Band zum Umhängen von Galeli. Damit das Display unbeschädigt bleibt, sind Schutzfolien aus Glas beispielsweise von PanzerGlass, Eiger oder Displex ein Muss. Und gegen eklige Bakterien empfiehlt es sich, das Handy regelmässig mit einem Reinigungstuch zu putzen oder eine Desinfektionsbox zu nutzen. 

Something that means so much to you needs protecting. That’s why we recommend our protective covers, made from Bugatti leather, for example, or with a Galeli mobile strap. To keep the screen undamaged, PanzerGlass or Eiger screen protectors are a must. And to combat unhygienic bacteria, it is worth cleaning the mobile regularly with a cleaning cloth or using a disinfection box. 

Second-hand smartphones also available

With its reuse initiative, Swisscom is making a valuable contribution to the circular economy. Under this initiative, it is already possible to donate an old mobile or have the value of your old smartphone credited towards a new device with Swisscom Buyback. Swisscom also has second-hand mobiles on offer: Discover its ‘refreshed smartphones’.