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How did you start your career?

Before I joined Swisscom, I spent most of my professional career in direct customer contact. As a person who values contact with other people, I have always enjoyed this work. For me, the focus was never on selling the customer as much as possible, but always on finding the best solution for them. It was important to me that if I came across the customer at a later date, the encounter should be a positive one. Without really realising it, it was already about sustainability back then.

What does your career at Swisscom look like?

I started at Swisscom as Head of Operational Purchasing for merchandise. This included everything available in the shop, such as smartphones, tablets, internet boxes, landline phones and so on. My team purchased these goods and distributed them to our sales channels. 

To get back in touch with people, I then moved to the training department. For five years, I supported the touchpoint employees in our Swisscom shops on topics such as sales, behaviour and new shop design. A highlight for me was the elimination of the ticket machine and the individual work with the floor managers. 

I then moved to the Swisscom Academy. There, I again accompanied our customers and non-customers directly and showed them the way through the jungle of digitalisation. I managed the Academy's pool of trainers, prepared the trainers for the various courses and also designed these courses. Back then, topics such as 3D printing, the first VR glasses, photography and videos with smartphones were the hot topics. At that time, I also created the role of "Trainer Marcel", which I have since played in countless videos. I then switched to my current role as Corporate Responsibility Manager.

What do you do in your current job?

I've been working in the sustainability department at Swisscom since 2020. Our mission has been combined with the media courses at schools and together we ensure social sustainability in Switzerland. 

Our mission is to support society in the digital world, highlight opportunities and draw attention to risks. We do this in courses at schools, in videos and online courses, on social media or show older people how to use a tablet or smartphone even better in on-site courses, for example.

What do you particularly enjoy about this work?

This support is an enjoyable and challenging task. Digitalisation is progressing rapidly and is becoming increasingly complex. Media literacy has become a life skill that is enormously multifaceted and affects us all. As Swisscom, we have a great responsibility to accompany society on this journey. I am delighted to be able to help shape this task on a daily basis.

If you would like to find out more about using digital media, you can find tips, tricks, instructions and media courses on our Swisscom Campus. And if Marcel's career with us has inspired you and you would like to know more about Swisscom as an employer, you can find more information on our careers page

Michelle Teuscher

Michelle Teuscher

Junior Employer Branding Manager

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