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The SRF Hotspot podcast of the same name shows that men can also be affected by the gender trap. The prevailing image of men as the breadwinners and protectors of the family can have a negative impact on their physical and mental health.

To coincide with International Men's Day, I would like to take a closer look at two offers that can help men to organise their everyday lives more consciously.

Part-time on probation

With the "part-time on trial" programme, Swisscom employees can reduce their workload for 3 months in consultation with their line manager. The aim is to test how part-time work affects their professional and private life and to give them the opportunity to return to their previous workload.

Stefan Böhlen, Project Manager at Swisscom, is trying out part-time work for the second time. After an initial reduction from full-time to 80%, he is currently trialling the 60% workload.

"In my opinion, part-time on a trial basis is a very attractive offer for both employers and employees. During the three trial months, you can really sound out how your previous job is feasible and how you want to use the newly gained day for yourself personally. For example, I was able to spend more time with my wife and pursue my passion for restoring classic cars. I find the manual work a great balance to my rather top-heavy work. I wouldn't want to miss out on the quality of life.

Of course, part-time work is also a privilege. I only took up the offer of "part-time on trial" after my children were standing on their own two feet."

Father crash course

In the father crash course from, you will meet other fathers-to-be and discuss questions about becoming a father and being a father. You will also receive expert input and suggestions and find out what it takes to reconcile work, family and leisure time. The course is free of charge for Swisscom employees.

Sebastian Pfeiffer, Product and Project Manager, also recently became a father for the first time and took part in the father crash course.

"Spending as much time as possible with my child and supporting my partner is something I take for granted. It was very valuable for me to be able to exchange ideas with other fathers as an expectant or new father. We were able to express our concerns and share our experiences openly and honestly at the father crash course.

My partner and I want to reconcile career, health, family and self-realisation together. That's why I also recommend a parenting crash course."

These two examples show how a conscious examination of one's own life situation can promote gender equality. Find out more about our commitment:

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Roxana Achermann

Young Professional Diversity Management & Employment Relations

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