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A new approach to Public Cloud Managed Services

Public Cloud Managed Services enable continuous management of the IT infrastructure and workloads which occur in enterprises. The focus is now even more on optimisation. But what does this new approach mean, and what are the benefits? But what does this new approach mean, and what are the benefits?

Evolution of Managed Services

Operational activities, which occur daily in companies, require a lot of time and resources. Public Cloud Managed Services relieve internal IT structures and workloads, by providing operating system management, monitoring, change and release, backup and security services or application management. Thanks to managed services, companies can bundle their resources and focus more on their core business.

In order to offer an even better service, we are constantly working on the evolution of our products. Public Cloud Managed Services are also continuously improved and expanded. As a next-generation managed service provider, we not only offer conventional operation with static monitoring, but also proactively deliver the appropriate optimisation proposals, especially in terms of costs and security.

This new way of thinking enables an improved and complete overview of all processes. Automation and dynamic monitoring can be used to determine precisely where optimisations are needed to make processes even more efficient.

New service framework with focus on optimisation

Proactive and continuous optimisation is the primary focus of the newly developed modular service framework. In regularly held Architecture Reviews, suggestions for workload optimisation are provided on the basis of best practices. Customers receive concrete suggestions for sustainably improving processes and thus increasing efficiency and productivity in the company.

Workloads are checked dynamically, which has further advantages in addition to better availability of the IT environment: improved security as well as a complete, up-to-date cost overview with individual suggestions for cost optimisation.

New Service Framework focuses on optimisation.

More time for the core business thanks to managed services

The example of mammut soft computing AG(opens in new tab) shows how the use of managed services in the public cloud can increase efficiency in a company. As a leading company in the production of international multibank-capable software solutions for e-banking and cash management, efficient workload processes are indispensable. With an individual cloud infrastructure, the company was able to replace time-consuming and costly software updates on site with centralised managed services. The company continues to rely on its proven cooperation with local partners in Switzerland.

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Philipp Kislig

Philipp Kislig

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