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Swisscom and HWZ: Data & Analytics Workshop for ManufacturingCompanies in the AWS Cloud

An exciting workshop recently took place, organized by Swisscom for HWZ students. The goal of the workshop was to introduce the participants to the work of a Data & Analytics consultant and to support them in solving a concrete business case.
Marie-Louise Achart
Marie-Louise Achart, Data & Analytics Consultant
17 July 2023

Below you can read more about the experiences of the HWZ students. Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik: Studierende konzipieren für Swisscom (fh-hwz.ch)


We build a business case based on a manufacturing company working with a large number of sensors.

To optimize the production process, companies focus on automation, quality improvement and cost savings. Here, the use of historical data plays a crucial role. Sensor data generated by machines provide valuable information. Reading and evaluating sensor data on production lines is a typical use case for machine learning. For example, by measuring each step in the production process and applying data analysis methods, correlations could be identified, and so, possible corrective actions. This could lead to the minimization of rejected goods.


The students were challenged to find solutions on how to make the best use of these data sets to make better decisions and reduce costs.


It is worth noting that Swisscom has already implemented similar projects for a customer, showing the enormous benefits of data analysis in the production industry. By using the latest technologies and analytics methods, operational processes were optimized, bottlenecks identified and productivity increased. Read more about it here. Erfolgsgeschichte Geobrugg AG | Swisscom


To address the challenges of the workshop and find actionable solutions, we decided to rely on the powerful cloud technologies of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS cloud offers scalable and flexible capabilities for storing, analyzing, and processing large amounts of data. Students had the opportunity to work on data modeling and to build an AWS data platform.

AWS Datenplattform

Swisscom's workshop offered students a unique opportunity to test their skills in the field of Data & Analytics under realistic conditions. By choosing a practical scenario, using the AWS cloud, and relating the workshop to an already successfully implemented customer project, the students were able to gain valuable insights and experience that will prepare them for future career prospects. Swisscom thus once again demonstrates its pioneering role in promoting data literacy and the use of cutting-edge technologies for companies of all sizes.

About Swisscom Data & Analytics

Swisscom Data & Analytics helps business customers with advisory, design, integration, and maintenance of analytical information systems such as data lakes, data warehouses, dashboards, reporting and ML/AI solutions based on selected technology from Microsoft, AWS, SAP, open source and more. More than 50 engaged data & analytics experts support our clients in different industries on a day-to-day basis in order to make them true data driven businesses.

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