Daniel Münger

Member, employee representative

Member of the Board of Directors since 2024
Born 1961
Nationality Swiss and Italian
Federal VET Diploma in Metalworking
Certified NPO Manager (Association and Non-Profit Management)

Portrait Fritz Zurbrügg

Daniel Münger has been a member of the Swisscom Board of Directors since 2024. After completing his training in metalworking, he continued his professional training to become a certified NPO manager (association and non-profit management). He started his career in 1983 with the PTT trade union (the predecessor organisation of syndicom), where he worked in cable installation and trained as a telecommunications specialist. After several years in voluntary positions with PTT, he began his professional career with employee associations in 1996. From 2002 to 2023, he worked in senior positions for different trade unions, most recently as chairman of the syndicom trade union, which resulted from a merger between the communications and comedia unions.


  • 1983-1995 Various roles at PTT companies in cable installation and as a telecommunications specialist
  • 1996-2001 Various roles at the Swiss Metalworkers’ and Watchmakers’ Union (SMUV) and the Union of Construction and Industry (GBI)
  • 2002-2009 Regional Director of the Communications Union
  • 2010-2014 Central Secretary of the ICT Sector of syndicom
  • 2015-2016 Head of the Logistics Sector and Member of the Management Board, syndicom
  • 2016-2023 Chairman of syndicom

Other mandate

  • Member of the Northwestern Switzerland Regional Committee of COOP Genossenschaft

Other significant activity

  • Member of the Tripartite Federal Commission (TPK)