Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic and financial management of Swisscom and for management oversight. Its members have extensive and broad-based experience and competence in Swisscom’s core business and growth areas.

Hansueli Loosli


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Roland Abt


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Alain Carrupt

Member, employee representative

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Frank Esser


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Barbara Frei


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Sandra Lathion-Zweifel

Member, employee representative

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Anna Mossberg


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Michael Rechsteiner


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Renzo Simoni

Member, representative of the Confederation

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Experience & competence

The members of the Board of Directors have extensive expertise and broad-based experience in Swisscom’s core business and growth areas. The diagram indicates the competences contributed by the respective members.

Telecommuncations, IT, Media, Entertainment

Innovation, technology, digitisation

Residential Customers (B2C)

Business Customers (B2B)

International business experience

Finance, Risk Management, M&A

Strategy, Transformation

Human Resources



Leadership position in top management

Member of the Board of Directors in stock exchange listed companies

Remuneration of the Board of Directors

The remuneration system for members of the Board of Directors is designed to attract and retain experienced and motivated persons to exercise board duties. It is also aimed at aligning the interests of the board members with those of the shareholders. The remuneration reflects the level of responsibility and scope of activities of the individual members of the Board of Directors and is commensurate to remuneration for comparable posts conforming to market standards.

Compensation 2020

CHF in thousands Cash
to social security
to social security
Total 2020
Hansueli Loosli 335 200 - 23 558
Roland Abt 159 95 35 15 304
Alain Carrupt 109 65 7 8 189
Frank Esser 1 152 91 - - 243
Barbara Frei 124 74 - 12 210
Sandra Lathion-Zweifel 109 65 22 10 206
Anna Mossberg 2 109 65 - 32 206
Michael Rechsteiner  109 65 - 10 184
Renzo Simoni 151 90 33 14 288
Total compensation to members of the Board of Directors 1,357 810 97 124 2,388

1 Frank Esser is subject to German social security regulations. No employer or employee contributions are due.
2 Anna Mossberg is subject to Swedish social security regulations. No employee contributions are charged.

Compensation 2019


Members of the Board of Directors Numbers of shares at 31.12.2020 Numbers of shares at 31.12.2019
Hansueli Loosli 3,856 3,474
Roland Abt 726 544
Alain Carrupt 563 439
Frank Esser  972 798
Barbara Frei 1,189 1,047
Sandra Lathion-Zweifel  238 114
Anna Mossberg 346 222
Michael Rechsteiner  233                    109
Renzo Simoni 652 480
Total shares of the members
of the Group Executive Board
8,775 7,227

Management transactions

All transactions in Swisscom registered securities, stock options or other financing instruments based on Swisscom shares or stock options are published by the SIX Swiss Exchange in compliance with the directive concerning the disclosure of management transactions.

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