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Renewed massive cut in the price of mobile usage in Europe

Berne, 14 May 2014

Right on time for the summer holidays, Swisscom customers are to benefit from lower mobile prices when abroad. As of 1 July 2014, Swisscom is lowering its standard prices for calls in Europe by 33% to CHF 0.50 per minute. Sending SMS messages and mobile surfing will also become a lot more cheaper for Swisscom customers.

Swiss people want to use their smartphones abroad without having to worry about what it will cost them. Following on from its reduction in data package prices in spring, Swisscom is once again lowering its prices from 1 July. Swisscom customers will pay only CHF 0.50 per minute for calls in Europe instead of CHF 0.75 – 70% less than with Swisscom’s two main competitors (between CHF 1.70 and CHF 2.00 per minute). Those who prefer to send text messages from abroad will benefit, too, as the price per SMS message will be lowered to CHF 0.30.

Infrequent users surf for less

The price reduction for data packages in April mainly benefitted frequent surfers. The latest price reduction will also benefit those who only want to made sporadic use of the mobile Internet when abroad. Swisscom customers will now pay as little as CHF 5 for 10 MB instead of CHF 7 for 5 MB, meaning they now surf twice as much for even less money. In addition, they now have 30 days to use up the 10 MB instead of 24 hours. This makes the standard price a good choice for infrequent use, even when on long holidays.

All information at a glance with Swisscom Cockpit

Swisscom customers who regularly use their smartphones abroad will continue to benefit from data packages. There are three different packages to choose from: 50 MB is available from as little as CHF 9, 200 MB for CHF 24, and 1 GB for CHF 79. All data packages can be ordered easily via the Swisscom Cockpit (, and from 19 May, it is even possible to do this before you leave Switzerland. The Cockpit gives customers a real-time overview of how many MB they still have and of the costs they have accrued. Customers can set and individually adapt a limit in the Cockpit to help them keep their costs under control. The Cockpit can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet free of charge from Switzerland and abroad.


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