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NATEL infinity customers can now make calls, send SMS and surf the net in Europe without any worries

Berne, 19 February 2015

Swisscom has had a great influence on the Swiss mobile communications market with its NATEL infinity subscriptions – all of which give customers unlimited calls and texts and allow them to surf the Internet as much as they want. As of 13 April, Swisscom will also provide customers with this option of carefree use when abroad within the EU – with unlimited calls and SMS, as well as 1 GB mobile data, included in all new infinity plus subscription packages. The cheaper XS subscription already offers a similar service for 30 days per year. One particular highlight is that the monthly subscription price remains the same, with the exception of infinity plus XL. The standard pricing model for using your phone when abroad will also now be cheaper.

Greater roaming options and faster surfing speeds – the new NATEL infinity plus subscriptions provide customers with a great deal more than ever before. infinity customers are now able to use their mobile phones when abroad within the EU without any worries. The cheaper NATEL infinity plus XS subscription package already gives customers unlimited calls and SMS for 30 days a year when in the EU and Switzerland. The offering also includes 1 GB of mobile data usage. “With this offering, we are practically getting rid of roaming fees for our infinity plus customers”, commented Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi. “Customers no longer have to worry about whether it’s better to switch off their smartphones when abroad in EU countries in order to avoid running up a huge phone bill.” Furthermore, having to search for a free Wi-Fi network is now a thing of the past. If a customer spends a longer period of time abroad, the standard prices for calls and SMS will apply. Data packets for mobile data usage ranging from 50 MB to 1 GB can now be purchased at cost-effective prices.

The monthly subscription prices will remain the same as the previous infinity offerings. Only the NATEL infinity plus XL subscription will increase in price by CHF 10; however, customers will now benefit from an additional SIM card.

Faster mobile Internet access

In addition to the inclusive roaming services, the new infinity subscription packages also provide customers with much faster mobile Internet speeds. For example, customers can now surf the web with the infinity plus M subscription at a maximum speed of 20 Mbps, which is 33% faster than with the previous infinity M package. Customers that opt for the new infinity plus S subscription package will benefit from a 100% increase in surfing speed.

The new infinity plus offerings will be available for residential and SME customers as of 13 April. Existing customers have the option of switching to the new NATEL infinity plus offering if they wish to do so. The previous subscription packages will continue to be available but will no longer be actively marketed.

Roaming also set to become cheaper for all other Swisscom customers

NATEL infinity plus customers are not the only ones able to save money when abroad. Swisscom is reducing its standard prices and data packet prices by up to 38%. Calls in EU countries will now cost CHF 0.45 per minute, while Swisscom customers are now able to purchase 200 MB of data for CHF 19 and the 1 GB packet (1024 MB) for CHF 49. Swisscom is also reducing its prices for mobile Internet access outside of the EU, with 200 MB now costing CHF 25 in many popular travel destinations. This means that Swisscom has by far the most cost-effective range of roaming offerings on the Swiss market and is in an excellent position in comparison with other major European providers. Customers of the German market leader, in comparison, pay CHF 26 for a 200 MB EU data packet, which is around 25% more than Swisscom customers.


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