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Swisscom teams up with Bryan Adams to launch special digital photo project

Berne, 06 October 2015

Swisscom will put its customers in front of the camera of rock legend and star photographer Bryan Adams. The special feature of the #shotby project will see Bryan Adams take portrait pictures using customers’ smartphones from afar, using a specially developed app. The mobile photo shoot on 11 and 12 October will be made possible by Switzerland’s best mobile phone network.

Unique coverage, top voice quality and ultrafast surfing speeds have made the Swisscom mobile phone network Switzerland’s best network for the sixth year in a row. That’s the finding of the Connect 2014/15 test. “Nowadays, most people take a universally available and stable network for granted. Our #shotby campaign is designed to show in an unusual way just how powerful our network really is,” says Heinz Herren, Swisscom’s Head of IT, Network & Innovation.


The special feature of the #shotby project is that the person being photographed isn’t actually standing opposite Bryan Adams, but is connected by video call using an app. Together with the customer, Bryan Adams will look for the best light and perspective and then personally press the button to take the picture. As a consequence, no matter where in Switzerland the person being photographed happens to be, they will receive an original photo by the star photographer, taken like a selfie using the camera on their own smartphone. The app that will enable this unique photo shoot was developed especially for Swisscom and this campaign.


The outcome of this kind of play on distance and proximity will create an interesting series of images from throughout networked Switzerland. “I’m pleased to be a part of this mini revolution,” says Bryan Adams. “The technology gives photography a completely new perspective.”


If you’d like to take part in #shotby, download the Best Net app from either the App Store or Google Play and then register. With a little luck, you may get a phone call from Bryan Adams on one of the two days of the campaign. During each video call, Bryan Adams will take a few minutes take the best possible photograph of each participant. This unique digital photo shoot will take place on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 October. Swisscom estimates that about 200-300 customers will be able to take part.


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