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Fastweb and Tiscali Wireless Access branch: Closing is completed

Berne, 16 November 2018

As communicated on the 12th of November 2018 Fastweb acquires Tiscali Fixed Wireless Access branch and the full ownership of the 3,5 Ghz spectrum. The closing has been completed today.

Final green light to the deal announced by Fastweb and Tiscali last Monday which is now fully operational.


With the finalization of the deal Fastweb acquires the spectrum license held by Aria (Tiscali’s fully owned subsidiary) for 40 Mhz in the 3.5 Ghz band as well as Tiscali Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) branch. At the same time Tiscali will enter into a wholesale agreement with Fastweb, thus gaining full access to Fastweb fiber-based network infrastructure.


The overall value of this deal is 198m€, of which 130 m€ in cash, 55 m€ in wholesale services and 13 in debts toward suppliers. Fastweb will finance the deal with its own resources.


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