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Press release

Health management via app

In partnership with Swisscom, Medgate has launched "360°Healthmanager", a mobile health solution for Switzerland. The Medgate "360°Healthmanager" app provides users with access to medical care at any time and wherever they are. The app offers around-the-clock access to a doctor, anywhere, as well as tools to make it easier for users to optimally manage their health.
Berne/Basel, 26 February 2014

Patients want top-quality healthcare that is also simple and convenient. The Medgate app takes these needs into account. For example, the app allows patients to quickly contact their telemedical centre for advice. For consultations involving skin and eye conditions, patients can send images of the affected areas simply via the app. Additionally, the app enables patients to quickly book appointments at a health centre and makes it easy to find a partner doctor in one of Switzerland's largest healthcare networks with over 1,200 specialists.

Emergency button and ordering medication

To ensure that Medgate patients receive optimal treatment in an emergency, the 360°Healthmanager is also equipped with an emergency button. This connects patients directly with the medical team in the event of an emergency. The team can then send an ambulance if necessary.

the "Medication" function allows patients to directly order their required medication during a teleconsultation. The prescribed medication is then sent to the patient's home address via mail-order pharmacy following the consultation, or can be collected from a pharmacy.

Mobile health as part of integrated care

Medgate is strongly focused on high-quality integrated care and offers comprehensive healthcare for people of all ages. Following a consultation, Medgate doctors draw up an optimal treatment plan together with patients and send this to the patients anonymously via SMS or e-mail. This provides patients with a written summary of their medical consultation, which they can refer to at any time. People with a telemedical insurance model are obliged to follow the agreed treatment plan. This means that Medgate must be notified of any changes to the treatment plan (e.g. referrals or extensions of the duration of treatment). This can also be done conveniently via the 360°Healthmanager. With respect to integrated care, the new mHealth solution is also tailored to patients' needs and simplifies health management.

Integrated Evita patient dossier from the end of the year

To ensure that patients always have their health data at hand, the Evita patient dossier from Swisscom will be integrated into the 360°Healthmanager at the end of 2014. This means that app users will be able to create a personal patient dossier and have secure access to their health data via the app. The first version of the 360°Healthmanager has been developed for iPhone iOS 7. Apps for other operating systems will be launched at a later stage.

Additional information and instructions for the app are available at

About Medgate

Medgate is a leading provider of integrated medical care in Switzerland. Since 2000, Medgate has operated a telemedicine centre in Basel with around 70 doctors and specialists who advise up to 4,300 patients daily over the phone on questions relating to health. Through the Medgate Partner Network, Medgate has a good network of doctors and hospitals across Switzerland with its own medical centres in Solothurn and Zurich. Its neutral and independent position as well as its extensive network make Medgate an integral part of the Swiss healthcare sector.

About Evita – the online health dossier from Swisscom

Evita users store their personal medical data and documents securely in their very own health dossier, thereby ensuring that information about their health is available online at all times irrespective of location.

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