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Press release

Public tender offer of PubliGroupe Ltd: Swisscom publishes its provisional interim results

On 23 June 2014, Swisscom published the offer prospectus for the public acquisition of PubliGroupe Ltd. According to its provisional interim, following the expiry of the deadline for the public takeover bid on 5 August 2014, 71.53% of all PubliGroupe shares involved in the bid had been tendered. Swisscom's interest in PubliGroupe upon the expiry of the bid period totalled 90.59%.
Berne, 06 August 2014

Swisscom will provide information on the circumstances surrounding the bid with the publication of its final interim results, which are scheduled for release on 11 August 2014. Once the final interim results are available, Swisscom will report on whether the conditions prescribed under Section 2.7 of the offer prospectus are fulfilled, whether it will waive the fulfilment of all or some of the individual conditions and whether these will remain in effect until the execution of the transaction.

If the bid is successful, the offer period will be extended  by 10 trading days, which is planned to start on 12 August 2014 and run until 25 August 2014.
The offer prospectus, provisional interim results in accordance with the Takeover Ordinance and other publications relating to the bid can be downloaded free of charge in German and French at The bid restrictions contained therein apply.

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