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Press release

Energy Strategy 2050: Swisscom’s tiko to be a Swiss Confederation flagship project

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has included Swisscom Energy Solutions’ smart storage network in the list of its flagship projects. The solution, which has been renamed tiko, consequently constitutes a forward-looking, key element in the Swiss Confederation’s implementation of its Energy Strategy 2050.
Berne, 27 October 2014

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) aims to use its flagship projects to outline the Confederation’s Energy Strategy 2050 in more specific and understandable terms. With Swisscom Energy Solutions’ tiko, the SFOE is supporting a system solution that is innovative from an technological, ecological and social perspective.

tiko provides a simple and efficient response to fluctuations in the electricity grid. These are taking place with increasing frequency given the growing amount of electricity generated by solar and wind, the production of which is difficult to predict due to the weather. Furthermore, electricity is often available at times when it is not required. As a smart storage solution, tiko links up the heating systems of the customers taking part in the network. By slightly adjusting the heating cycle of heating pumps and electric boilers, tiko can use this storage capacity to balance out fluctuations in the electricity grid.

Swiss technology working in collaboration with the energy sector

The tiko project is being financially supported by the SFOE as part of the flagship project programme, with the aim of developing the necessary technology further. The technology required for the storage network has been developed in Switzerland and is now being optimised on an ongoing basis. Swisscom Energy Solutions is collaborating with partners from the energy sector (including Repower AG, Societad Ovra electrica Lumbrein and Elektra Seeberg) and with heating system manufacturers (including Hoval AG, Tobler AG and Störi AG), with new partners being constantly added. The storage network, which was previously available on the market under its brand name BeSmart, has been renamed tiko.

End customers participating in tiko also benefit: they can monitor and optimise their electricity consumption simply and easily with an app. They receive a clear overview of their heating consumption and are notified via SMS or e-mail of any malfunctioning of their heating systems.

About Swisscom Energy Solutions

Swisscom Energy Solutions, with its registered office in Olten, was founded in September 2012 as a joint venture between Swisscom and Swiss energy utility Repower. The company employs around 20 staff and is one of Swisscom’s several new business areas. The energy market is currently undergoing a transformation similar to that experienced by the telecommunications market following the Internet’s growth in popularity. Swisscom meets ideal prerequisites that enable it to participate in the energy market: it has a neutral market position, offers numerous innovative solutions for households throughout Switzerland and combines its ICT expertise with know-how in the energy market. Swisscom also has the advantage of short technological development cycles and many years of experience in operating secure and reliable communication networks and data centres.

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