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Pay for your iTunes purchases via your Swisscom mobile bill

Swisscom customers with a mobile phone subscription can now pay for their iTunes purchases via their mobile bill. The amount is simply charged to their next bill. With this solution, known as Natel Pay, Swisscom is offering its customers an alternative way to pay for purchases in online stores. It is not necessary to have a credit card in order to use it. The service has already been activated for Google Play, the Sony PlayStation Store, Deezer, Facebook Apps, the Windows Phone Store, BlackBerry App World and Samsung Galaxy Apps
Berne, 10 December 2014

This year more than 500,000 Swisscom customers have already used Natel Pay to buy apps, eBooks, music and films online and pay for their purchases via their mobile bill. Now Natel Pay is being supported by another important partner: iTunes. Users of Apple products, such as the iPhone or iPad, can buy electronic iTunes cards and then use them to purchase the product of their choice in iTunes. Owners of Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices have been enjoying the benefits of Natel Pay for longer. With these devices, Natel Pay is integrated directly into the system and can simply be selected during the payment process. Music service Deezer and Sony PlayStation are two other providers that support the system.

Verification ensures security

Natel Pay is not only easy to use – it is secure too. In the case of iTunes, PlayStation, Deezer and Facebook there are two steps to the purchasing process. The customer logs on to the corresponding platform using his user name and password (step one). He then selects the product or amount of his choice and enters his mobile number. Within a few seconds he receives a verification code by SMS. It is impossible to make the purchase without it (step two). This process ensures that only the owner of the smartphone is able to make payments. Other services, such as Google Play, require a one-off Natel Pay registration by the customer.

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