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Press release

Better performance for the same rate: surf for less with Swisscom prepaid

Surfing the web with a smartphone, tablet or mobile hotspot while on the move will be more attractive for Swisscom prepaid customers from 1 April. Swisscom is increasing the data volume for the Natel easy smart data packets and reducing the price of the biggest packet.
Berne, 30 March 2015

Users that only surf the web now and then with the Natel easy smart prepaid deal from Swisscom will now receive 200 MB instead of 100 MB for just CHF 9. For more frequent users, the data packet for CHF 19 now includes to 600 MB instead of 400 MB. To stream movies or send large files on the go, the data packet with 1.2 GB is now available for CHF 29. The optimal data packet can be booked as usual through the Swisscom cockpit, where current usage can be tracked.

For roaming in EU/Western Europe, the roaming data packets are ideal for both prepaid and subscription customers. As announced, they will also be cheaper from 1 April. 50 MB is available for just CHF 7.

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