Advanced Calling: Swisscom introduces 4G/LTE telephony

From today, Swisscom customers can enjoy Advanced Calling, the latest telecommunications experience that gives customers significant advantages when using their mobile phones. In preparation for the new service, Swisscom has upgraded its 4G/LTE data network in Switzerland and Liechtenstein so that it supports IP telephony (voice over LTE technology). Customers with compatible smartphones can now make phone calls via 4G/LTE with even better voice and telephone quality. The service will be rolled out in stages from today. Another milestone will follow in the summer with the launch of WiFi Calling, which will allow calls to be made at any WLAN hotspot.
Berne, 10 June 2015

Swisscom offers its customers the best 4G/LTE coverage, with 98% of the population already able to benefit from a fast 4G/LTE mobile data network. Swisscom also offers more than 2200 WLAN hotspots throughout Switzerland. “In the coming days, we will become the first provider in Switzerland to offer telephony via the 4G/LTE network, followed by WiFi Calling in the near future. This will enable us to provide our customers with the best possible telephony experience,” says Marc Werner, Swisscom’s Head of Residential Customers. The term Advanced Calling covers both VoLTE and WiFi Calling.

Advanced Calling to be made available on more and more devices by the end of the year

VoLTE enables customers with compatible smartphones to make calls directly via the 4G/LTE network rather than using 3G or 2G, as was previously the case. This gives customers a number of advantages, such as consistently high surfing speeds, even while making phone calls. Call setup speeds have also been greatly improved – it now takes just 2-3 seconds from dialling the number to the phone ringing at the other end – and the subsequent call features excellent voice quality, as if the person were right next to you. The new technology is also kind to mobile phone rechargeable batteries, as the phone is constantly connected to the 4G/LTE network and consumes less power. Another practical aspect is that the caller’s name is displayed if it is listed in the public phone directory.

To benefit from VoLTE, customers need a latest-generation device that supports 4G/LTE. 4G/LTE telephony will initially be restricted to customers with a Samsung Galaxy S5. Over the course of the second half of the year, manufacturers’ software updates will enable the service to be used on Apple, HTC, Huawei, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony devices. Swisscom will notify all customers by SMS once they are able to benefit from Advanced Calling.

WiFi Calling to follow soon

Swisscom is launching WiFi Calling as early as this summer, enabling customers to make phone calls via both the mobile phone network and WLAN. People in well-insulated buildings with weak mobile reception, for instance, will in future be able to make calls via WLAN. As soon as customers have activated WiFi Calling, their device will automatically select the best available network. Swisscom will again notify customers about the availability of WiFi Calling as soon as the manufacturers’ software updates have been provided.

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