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Press release

Apprenticeships now ready for digitisation

Today, 228 young people begin their apprenticeships at Swisscom. Thanks to a diversified ICT training programme, Swisscom now also offers high-school graduates an attractive path to learning and working in the digitised world. This programme allows Swisscom to further reinforce its commitment to the successful dual training model.
Berne, 03 August 2015

Digitisation is bringing about fundamental change in many sectors as well as in the way in which we learn and work. Rigid training modules are now a thing of the past, as flexible courses that promote project and teamwork are increasingly in demand. Apprentices apply to work on projects and implement them independently.

New bachelor’s degree with professional experience – the battle for the best talent

Swisscom has recently added the “practical bachelor’s degree in IT” (PiBS) to its range of training programmes. This dual training programme takes four years to complete, after which time the apprentices will have gained a bachelor’s degree and practical experience in their field. In its position as the largest ICT training company in Switzerland, Swisscom offers the PiBS qualification in cooperation with the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences in Brig. Of the 39 new apprentices, four IT apprentices have opted for this combined study programme, while a further six will take part in the shorter “Way up” IT apprenticeship.

“We have been committed to training specialists for many years now. We hope that by offering more flexible training programmes such as the dual PiBS model and the shorter ‘Way up’ apprenticeship for high-school graduates, we will also be able to attract the best up-and-coming talent to Swisscom over the long term,” explains Andri Rüesch, Head of Next Generation at Swisscom. “As a result, our model is built around a sense of individual responsibility and the apprentices’ desire and motivation to independently organise their training in different areas within the company.”

228 new apprentices in different parts of the country

Today, 228 young people begin their apprenticeships at Swisscom. There are 56 apprentices in Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland, and 172 in German-speaking Switzerland, most of whom are working at the Berne and Zurich locations. Women make up 39% of the total number of apprentices and 28% of the apprentices in ICT jobs. These figures are similar to those recorded in 2014 and have hovered around this level for a few years now.

Of the people whose apprenticeships came to an end this year, 239, i.e. 95%, graduated successfully. Around half of the newly qualified apprentices were also able to take up a position within the company.

Experience the professional world of ICT at ICT Skills

This SwissSkills competition for ICT and mediamatics will take place from 8–10 September 2015. Eight Swisscom apprentices successfully navigated the regional qualification round and will compete in the competition in September. ICT Skills is a platform for those starting new careers in ICT as well as an initiative launched by ICT Switzerland and ICT Berufsbildung Schweiz, supported by the Swiss Informatics Society. The competition will be held in Zurich main station, where Swisscom and around 25 other companies and institutions will be in attendance as partners. Apprentices have developed a wide range of activities, which future-oriented ICT employers will be able to witness for themselves at the competition.

Next Generation – starting your career at Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading ICT company, training approximately 900 apprentices in six vocational areas at locations throughout Switzerland. Around half of this number complete an ICT apprenticeship in mediamatics, IT or telematics. The other half are prospective retail specialists, sales persons or customer service assistants.

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