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Better reception quality indoors with WiFi Calling

Thanks to WiFi Calling, Swisscom customers can now make mobile phone calls via any wireless network and benefit from better reception, especially inside well-insulated buildings. In June, Swisscom introduced telephony via the high-speed 4G/LTE network (VoLTE). With the launch of Advanced Calling, Swisscom is the first telecoms provider in Europe to combine the two technologies and thereby further improve mobile telephony for its customers. Both services are being rolled out in stages.
Berne, 27 August 2015

Modern, well-insulated buildings often make it difficult to get good reception on your mobile indoors. WiFi Calling provides a solution to this problem, as it allows customers to use their mobiles to make calls from home, even if they have a weak signal. WiFi Calling also enables callers to enjoy good reception outside their own home whenever they have access to a wireless network. Do you want to make a call from the gym, a hotel room or holiday home? No problem, even without connecting to the mobile phone network.

With WiFi Calling, your smartphone automatically selects a wireless network for calls if it offers the best reception. This new function can already be activated on the Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge). More devices will follow by the end of the year. WiFi Calling is available on all current Swisscom NATEL® subscriptions and is charged at the standard mobile phone call rate. Swisscom informs all customers by text message if they are able to use WiFi Calling.

WiFi Calling can now be used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and will be available in all other countries at a later stage. “We are planning to launch the service over the course of the coming year,” says Marc Werner, Head of Residential Customers. “Customers will then be able to enjoy better reception on their mobiles in buildings while outside Switzerland too. ”Using your mobile abroad at low costs is already possible for Swisscom Natel customers: the Natel infinity plus subscriptions include between 30 and 365 days of unlimited calls per year and no roaming charges within the EU, while the iO communication app offers the same worldwide.

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