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Swisscom’s iO app launches innovative VideoChat

Chatting is now even more interactive: the new VideoChat function is now available for iO users, enabling customers to instantly share their emotions with their contacts via live video transmissions. The service is available to all iOS and Android users via the update.
Berne, 28 August 2015

Moving images are becoming increasingly popular in digital communication. As young people in particular like to watch and share videos with those around them, Swisscom has made iO even more interactive, direct and personal: VideoChat is another innovative function for all iO users in addition to sending videos and making video calls. Users can use the new function to instantly show and share videos while chatting. VideoChat is simple to use: the video is started by pressing the video button and stops immediately as soon as it is released. The video clips are not stored and can therefore not be replayed. VideoChat is available from today to all iO users with iOS and Android operating systems. The update will be available for Windows devices in autumn.

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