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Is your dog or cat missing? Petpointer can help you find them

Thousands of cats and dogs go missing in Switzerland every year. Attaching the Petpointer to your pet’s collar makes it easier to find your best friend. The new Petpointer collar makes it easier to search for your pet – simply open your web browser, log in and find them with the help of GPS and Swisscom.
Berne, 11 December 2015

Almost a quarter of Switzerland’s population own pets. Every pet owner’s nightmare is that their little darling doesn’t return home or disappears while out walking. According to the Swiss Animal Registration Office (Schweizerische Tiermeldezentrale), between 25,000 and 30,000 cats and dogs go missing every year. Of these, half are unable to find their own way home. This is where the Petpointer comes in.

Location via mobile network

The Petpointer is a small device that is attached to the animal’s collar, which regularly transmits its current location via Swisscom’s mobile network to the Petpointer platform. By logging on to a website with their mobile phone, tablet or computer, pet owners are able to see the last location of their pet. They can also define an area and receive an alert if their pet leaves this area. Thanks to Swisscom’s roaming partners (over 700 in total), the Petpointer is able to track pets in over 220 countries, without additional roaming costs for the pet owner.

A simple-to-use, professional platform

Swisscom was actively involved in the development of the Petpointer, and its commissioning and operation were made simple thanks to Swisscom’s background machine-to machine-to-machine (M2M) platform. Swisscom Easypay is also offered as a possible payment method, allowing payments to be billed to your Swisscom invoice. A credit card is therefore not required. The Petpointer is a prime example of how M2M networking enables new applications to be introduced in everyday life – including remotely lockable electric bikes, ride-sharing platforms such as Taxito, and Avatarkids, a “robot” that allows sick children to connect with their classmates. Swisscom Easypay is a simple way to pay for your subscription – by selecting this payment method, Petpointer customers can conveniently pay the monthly charge via their Swisscom invoice.

Customers can register the Petpointer and activate their subscription via the website The Petpointer is then immediately ready for use.

The Petpointer was developed by HergTech AG in Switzerland in cooperation with the Swiss Animal Registration Office (STMZ), Swisscom, location specialists from leading Swiss universities and various engineers in the matchmaking industry. It is produced in Switzerland. It is currently the smallest animal tracker in the world and uses positioning data from three tracking systems (GPS, Glonass and Galileo). Swisscom ensures the activation of the Petpointer via its M2M Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) as well as reliable data transmission via the best mobile network in Switzerland and 700 roaming partners. Swisscom Easypay is also integrated for payment via Swisscom invoice.

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