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Swisscom on track for All IP migration

In March 2014, Swisscom announced that it would be replacing traditional fixed-line telephony (analogue and ISDN) with Internet Protocol (IP). The switchover is planned for the end of 2017. Today, more than half of Swisscom customers – around 1.3 million – already benefit from IP technology.
Berne, 05 July 2016

Traditional fixed-line telephony has reached the end of its useful life. Very few manufacturers around the world continue to develop this technology. The future belongs to Internet Protocol (IP). Separate telephone and Internet lines are no longer necessary. Images, films, music and voice communication are all transmitted over a single network – and that is All IP. All IP not only reduces the number of technologies and allows for the development of new services, but it also forms the basis for digitisation. All this makes All IP an important factor for Switzerland's continued positioning as an attractive business location.

More than half of all Swisscom customers already use All IP

Swisscom plans to replace traditional fixed-line telephony (analogue and ISDN) with All IP by the end of 2017. «The plan is ambitious but we’re on track», said Beat Döös, Head of All IP Transformation. Already, more than half – 1.3 million – of Swisscom customers are using IP. Swisscom expects that around three quarters of its customers will be using IP by the end of 2016. There are now IP solutions out there for all customers, whether in the residential or business customer market or in the area of special applications (lift telephones, alarm systems, building services etc.).

There are still many residential customers that only have an analogue fixed network connection from Swisscom (EconomyLINE) without TV or Internet. Swisscom will begin contacting these clients in early July, so that they can be supported during the switchover to All IP. The switchover is an opportunity to benefit from useful new services: Enhanced HD voice quality, automatic caller identification for numbers not previously saved (as per, blocking of unwanted calls and forwarding of fixed network numbers to another number. Swisscom is expected to offer All IP customers an automatic spam filter for blocking unwanted calls from telemarketers as an optional service by the end of 2016.

The majority of corporate customers take a positive view of All IP and understand why the technology shift is a necessary step, which is why the majority also already use Voice over IP technologies. Many corporate customers have already launched All IP projects and are implementing these.

SMEs also recognise the new opportunities offered by the switchover to IP and how these will enable them to act more flexibly and simplify work processes. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are therefore already relying on bundled IP packages from Swisscom. These SMEs see this as an opportunity to adapt outdated systems to meet future requirements and to consider their own digitisation strategy.

Customer switchovers to All IP are easy

Residential customers: Free hotline 0800 882 002. Residential customers can call this number to check whether they are already using IP technology, or for any questions or support relating to the switchover.

SME hotline: 0800 055 055

Large corporate customers: All IP service hotline 0800 800 900 (3). Customers can call this number for support and advice relating to the migration to IP from trained All IP employees.

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