Pay for Apple products quickly and easily via mobile phone billing

Payment via Swisscom billing is a feature already being used on millions of Android devices. And thanks to a unique collaboration, Swisscom has managed to become the first provider in Switzerland and the third worldwide to tie in with Apple: effective immediately, all Swisscom customers can now pay even more easily for their digital purchases in the App Store and on iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks and Apple TV. The payment to Apple is simply calculated into the monthly mobile phone bill.
Berne, 16 August 2016

Buying a favourite artist’s new album, downloading hot new apps or renewing a subscription to a weekly journal – getting hold of digital content on the smartphone has become as natural as making calls and sending text messages. With Carrier Billing, Swisscom is now offering a cross-platform mobile billing method. Something previously reserved for Android users is now available to millions of Apple customers via Swisscom. As a result of an extensive collaboration, they can as of now easily pay for digital content in the App Store and on iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks and Apple TV via their mobile phone bills.

Speedy and Secure

Previously, Swisscom mobile customers could, as an example, pay for their Apple purchases with digital codes (vouchers). Now, apps and favourite tracks can be paid for directly via mobile phone billing. To do this, Swisscom customers just need their Apple ID, setting their preferred payment method for Apple as billing via Swisscom. Within a few seconds, they will receive a text message code for verification. Once set up, it works on all Apple devices. The advantages are clear: paying via mobile phone billing is a quick and secure way to buy online. It is available both prepaid and as a post-paid subscription.

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